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DTA Wedges Lippage Leveling System - Wedges

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DTA Wedges Lippage Leveling System

Three Part System with Wedge, Spacer and Gun that eliminate lippage in tile installation

Specifications :

Grout Joint 1/16" (1.5mm)

Maximum Tile Thickness 1/2"

Minimum Tile Thickness 1/8"

Spacer - The spacer is inserted under the base of the Tile

Wedge - The wedge is use across the top of the Tile to hold the spacer in place and apply pressure while the tiles dry

Tool Gun - The tool gun is used to create tension on the wedge and spacer

Very easy to learn and use at any skill level


  • 3 Part System with Caps and Spacer that eliminate lippage in tile installation
  • Reusable Wedges
  • 40mm Adjustment
  • Ideal for Wall and Floor

How to use Wedges Lippage System

1. Place Lippage Spacer between tiles 4" from both ends of tile.
2. Once tile and spacer are in place, fasten the Wedges.
3. Clamp the two pieces together leveling the tiles, Using the Tool Gun, This will hold the tiles in place while the tile adhesive sets.
4. Once tile adhesive has dried, simply kick the Wedges along the grout joint to remove. Use white rubber mallet to remove from walls. Grout to finish tiled area.
5. Remove Wedges from floor for re-use


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