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Composeal Gold Crack Isolation Waterproof Membrane - Roll



Composeal Gold Crack Isolation Waterproof Membrane - Roll

40 mil Thick - 5" widths x 50 ft = 250 sq. ft

Waterproofing membrane Provides stress crack protection

3-ply waterproof membrane protects floors and walls under thin-set tile installations from substrate cracks and moisture migration.


Sealing and decoupling membrane to be applied with tiles or natural stones for safe decoupling and perfect waterproofing. If used as indoor waterproofing membrane suitable for medium to high loads of non-pressurized water but only to be applied on floors (e.g. floors of domestic bathrooms and sales floors with large-size tiles or on outside balconies and terraces where no living space is situated underneath).

  • The industry’s first heat fused 3-ply membrane. Gives unsurpassed double-protection against common shrinkage cracks found in residential and commercial construction, and prevents water damage and moisture migration.
  • For new construction or renovations using ceramic tile, marble, brick or stone.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Significant labor cost savings with faster, one-step seaming.
  • Superior chemical, mildew, fungus resistance.
  • Ideal for interior and exterior floors, walls and decks over substrates of concrete, cementitious backer units, exterior grade plywood protected by sloped mortar bed or fill, and thick mortar settings beds (mud).


Trim the water proofing membrane/crack isolation membrane to the size of the floor being covered. Prepare the floor making sure dust & debris are removed from the surface. After the surface area is clean, use modified/multi-purpose thin set using a 1/4” x 1/4” (6mm x 6mm) square toothed trowel.

Apply the Composeal Gold 40 Mil PE sheet membrane to the ground in a precise and edge-to-edge direction and smooth it towards the edges. Avoid air inclusions and glue residues!

(only needed for waterproofing) After installing the sealing membrane, apply the seam tape and corners and continue according to the installation instructions of sealing products. Please use 6” PE seam tape on joints and all corners. Use 6” PE seam tape or you can cut 6” strips to make your own seam tape, seam is applied using thin set (Seam tape is non adhesive).

If the floor is to be sealed as well, the joints must be covered with a sealing tape and waterproofing material. Liquid membrane can be used under the membrane to the floor. Mix waterproofing material and apply it onto the water proofing membrane/crack isolation membrane with a suitable notched trowel.


(A technical data sheet is a quality document whose values and tolerances were determined using one or more representative pilot productions. This sheet has a minimum validity of 12 months and will then be revised based on the insights gained in the meantime.
The technical information and application instructions are based on our experience and present know-ledge. However, it is each users own responsibility to make trials with the original substrates in order to verify the suitability of our products for the intended purpose, taking into consideration all application related parameters.
Please contact if you have any additional questions)

Technical Data

Color - Yellow / Black (other colors upon request)
Resistance to Temperature min/max - 30 °C / + 90 °C
Printing - Possible
Scaling - Possible

Waterproofing Capability
The well-proven COMPOSEAL PVC Shower Pan Liner makes up the inner layer of COMPOSEAL GOLD and gives the same waterproofing protection.

Warranty: Composeal 5 years warranty for the guaranteed product qualities

Certified according to - Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 Made in USA

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