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Color Splash Glass Series 3D Tile - Prism Glow



Color Splash Glass Series 3D Tile - Prism Glow

Glass - Texture Polished

Price per sq ft - 8 sq ft per box sold by the box

Piece Size: 6" x 6"
Pieces per sq ft: 4
Application: Backsplash, Residential, Commercial, Accent Tile

Color Splash is a pop of color in your life. These glass tiles get their color from ink jet printing technology. The color of the tile is applied to the back side of the glass and the surface of the tiles have a raised texture, with a polished finish. The color pattern on the tiles are repeating, however once you put them all together, you will see 4 different patterns in the finished install. Such a fun look for a commercial or residential wall.

Installation Tips:

  • When laying these tiles, you will need to make sure that each corner matches up with the tiles next to it to get the patterns correct.

Glass Usage - Installation - Care & Maintenance

Tile Maintenance and More

Colors may vary from picture, Product may have chips, pitting and other characteristics, Pictures are only an indication of color, texture and finish

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