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CODA the Shower Drain Relocator - Broken Lane SG



CODA the Shower Drain Relocator - Broken Lane Satin Gold

The revolutionary new product that will save you time and money by eliminating demolition because it screws right into the existing drain, extending up to 32"+ in any direction. Perfect for new construction, or any remodeling project whether commercial or residential.
*32 inches of extension edge to edge (30 inches center to center)

List of Parts Included: 1. Male Elbow, 1. Female Elbow, 1. Extension - 18" 1. Extension - 5.5", 2. Couplers, 2. U-Shims, 1. Flat Shim SereneDrains Broken Lane Satin Gold, 1. 2" Threaded Adaptor Fitting Membrane
*ABS Primer & Glue required - not included

Coda can be installed with any drain, round, Square or Linear Drains

The Ultimate Solution for Shower Drain Relocation
- Tile Setters
- Plumbers
- Contractors
- Builders
- DIY-ers

Easy Installation - Anyone can install the CODA attachment. It takes only minutes and easily lets you extend from 1" to 30" c.t.c and in any direction you need. It is also available in multiple configurations, including a dual drain system.

Cost Effective - The demolition and plumbing required to relocate or enlarge a shower can cost thousands even before you count the cost of job delays. CODA is the most cost effective and time saving solution.

Flexibility Control - CODA gives you the freedom, flexibility and control to relocate your shower drain to exactly where you would like it to be


  • Eliminates demolition and job delays because CODA screws right into your existing drain.
  • Installs in Minutes: Anyone can install the CODA attachment, saving time and money.
  • Strong and Durable: Made from highly durable black ABS material, CODA is built to last.
  • CODA is Cost-Effective: Eliminates demolition, lowers costs, and keeps your job on schedule.
  • CODA allows you to extend your shower drain up to 32 inches in any direction
  • Whether residential or commercial, remodeling or new construction, CODA is the right solution for you.


Can CODA be installed by anyone? Yes, anyone can install CODA; however, if you have little or no experience in plumbing, we recommend you seek advice from a professional or contact our customer support Before installation, read the instructions and watch our installation video.

Can I use CODA to convert a center drain to a linear floor drain? Yes, with up to 32" of offset, CODA can move standard center drains to the wall of your shower.

Does CODA need glue to assemble? Yes, we recommend using an ABS primer and glue to securely seal each joint.

Can I use any outer finish drain with CODA? CODA uses 2 inch standard drain threading and is compatible with standard 2 inch drains and smooth bore adapters. The threads of the finish drains must be cut to 5/8 of an inch or greater to allow it to sit flush with the finished tile. Please see Instructions.

Is it important to pitch CODA towards the original drain flange? Yes, we recommend pre-pitching your shower pan 1/4 inch per foot pitch and following the pitch. CODA also includes U-shims and flat shims for no hassle pitching towards the drain flange.

Is it safe to cut any of the CODA attachments? No, only the 18 inch extension was designed to be cut.

Do I need to deburr/sand joints after cutting? Yes, you need to deburr or sand any burrs that occur as a result of cutting. This prevents any hair or other material from catching inside the pipe that could cause blockage. The same is true for any excess glue used to connect each joint.

Can I use CODA to convert a bathtub to a shower? To do so, you must install a 2 inch clamp drain to the original bath drain. Once installed, CODA can be used to position the location of your outer finish drain.

Can I extend past 32" using CODA? Yes, to do so you will need to purchase additional CODA packages depending on the total length needed. Each package includes a 5 1/2 inch and 18 inch extension. You will need to measure the total distance you wish to achieve and buy the necessary additional packages. International Plumbing Code states that you may not extend further than 30" so keep this in mind if you a required to schedule an inspection in your state or county.

Does CODA have the same water flow as a 2" pipe? Yes, during our testing with NSF, CODA exceeded the GPM's of a standard 2 inch pipe.

CODA Shower Drain Relocator Installation Video

CODA Shower Drain Relocator Installation PDF

CODA Cutaway PDF


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