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Blanke SecurMat Uncoupling Underlayment Roll 538 sq

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Blanke SecurMat - Roll 538 sq ft

Blanke SecurMat the Universal uncoupling underlayment.

Blanke SECURMAT is a tear proof rolled uncoupling underlayment that provides a secure bonding surface for ceramic tile and natural stone installations on both interior floors and walls.

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  • Superior bonding surface for tile and natural stone
  • Crack isolation properties (uncoupling)
  • Low construction height
  • Apply over existing floor coverings
  • Less thinset usage
  • Light weight
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for all sized tile
  • Less curling memory lays flat

The Blanke SECURMAT also provides crack isolation protection that helps prevent damage to the tile covering caused by lateral substrate movement. This light weight, easy-to-install underlayment features low elevation and requires less thinset than other rolled uncoupling products.
The Blanke SECURMAT is an ideal underlayment for both new installations and for renovations over existing substrates.

Typical Applications:

Blanke SECURMAT is an ideal alternative to backer board underlayment used in interior residential and light commercial tiled floor applications over wood substrates.
The Blanke SECURMAT can also be used as a crack-suppression membrane on cement substrates where lateral movement and stress cracks can be a problem.
The Blanke SECURMAT is an ideal underlayment for both new installations and for renovations over most existing floor coverings.

Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry, free of bond-inhibitors and load bearing.
Cut the mat into sections and dry fit to the installation area.
Following the thinset manufacturer instructions, apply thinset to the substrate using a 5/16” V-notched trowel. Install the mat on the substrate using the flat side of a trowel or float to press the fabric into the thinset avoiding any creases and air pockets.
Adjacent sections should be butted at their edges without overlapping. After the thinset has cured under the mat, apply thinset on top of the mat and install tiles per thinset manufacturer instructions and industry standards.

Suitable Substrates for ceramic tile:
Wood substrates - (Plywood EGP and OSB)

  • 16" o.c. joist spacing, minimum subfloor thickness: 5/8"
  • 19.2" o.c. joist spacing, minimum subfloor thickness: 3/4"
  • 24" o.c. joist spacing, minimum subfloor thickness:
Double layer 3/4" + 3/8" panels Substrate deflection must not exceed L/360 for tile and L/720 for stone.
Blanke PERMAT is recommended for stone installations Concrete substrates
  • Mud beds / Dry packs / Mortar screeds
  • Green cement (2 - 5 days as soon as slab can be walked on)
  • Concrete (cured a minimum of 3 months)

Substrates covered with stone, tile and vinyl
(consult thinset manufacturer instructions for these types of coverings)
Most floor heating systems
(please consult Blanke installation instructions)

Technical Data:

Thickness: 0.9 mm (approx. 1/25")
Weight: approx. 22 kegs (48.5 lbs) per 1 roll (538 sq. ft.)
Fabric Material: Polyester
Mesh Material: Extruded fiberglass
Packaging: 538 sq. ft. per roll/12 rolls per pallet
Length: 50 meters (164 lf)
Width: 1 meter (3.28 lf)
Color: Polyester fabric: white
Fiberglass mesh: blue

Robinson Floor Test rating:
Extra Heavy (TCNA-034-10: 3/4" plywood substrate on 16" o.c. spaced joists)

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