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Alpha Tools VSP-320 Variable Speed Polisher



Alpha VSP-320 Variable Speed Polisher

Electric Wet Polisher

The newly designed VSP-320. We have made a major overhaul on these models to make them durable and dependable tools. The major upgrade came in the form of the

Heavy-duty gear systems that includes the step-down transmission and a bevel and pinion gear to produce the variable speed range of 700 to 2,500 rpm. Thanks to the high-tech machine center, we have all parts precision-machined to reduce noise and vibration during the application. This upgrade ensures a long-lasting tool life and a comfortable application.

Spindle which is now specially coated to reduce friction extending the life of the oil seals. The water hose is now very flexible & kink-free. The electrical power cord has an inline GFCI. The Hose lengths are now 15 ft. and are bundled by 3 ft. of an Easy On - Easy Off sleeve that improves the maneuverability of the polisher. The adjustable splash guard and ventilation cap minimize water getting inside the motor housing.

This feature is exclusive to Alpha®. The VSP-320 comes with a standard C-Handle for torque-oriented applications such as Profiling and Core Drilling and a standard Side Handle for general edge polishing applications. Lastly, we have eliminated the blow mold case that was difficult to re-pack after you connected all hoses and accessories on the polisher.

Equipment Included

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Flexible Hose w/ Garden Hose Adapter*, Wrench, C-Handle w/ Mounting Screws*, Side Handle (reversible), Extra Carbon Brush Set, Ventilation Cap w/Rubber Band, Splash Guard w/Clamp, EasyOn-EasyOff Sleeve*, Factory Attached


  • Variable Speed 700-2500 RP
  • Heavy-Duty Gear System with Step-Down Transmission
  • Powerful 7 Amp Motor
  • 15ft. Flexible All-Weather Water Hose
  • 15ft. Electrical Power Cord Has An Inline GFCI
  • EasyOn-EasyOff Sleeve Improves Maneuverability
  • Adjustable Splash Guard
  • Center Water-Feed System
  • Ventilation Cap Diverts Water from Getting Into Motor Housing
  • C-Handle and Side Handle for User Convenience
  • One Year Tool Warranty*

Product Details:

  • Model - VSP-320
  • Rating - 120 Volts
  • Amperage - 7.0A
  • Power - 800W
  • No Load Speed (Variable) - 700~2500 RPM
  • Weight - 7.3 lbs (3.3 kgs)
  • Spindle - 5/8"-11
  • Power Supply - Single-phase AC, 50/60Hz
  • Plug Type - A (120V)
  • Cord - 15ft (4.5m)
  • Polishing Disc Size - 4” (100mm)

Question: Can I use the same carbon brush set I purchased for VSP-120 on VSP-320/VSP-340?
Answer: No. Unfortunately you need to use the designated carbon brush designed for VSP-320/VSP-340 since they are not the same parts.

Question: Can I use VSP-320/VSP-340 for cutting application?
Answer: No. Alpha® doesn’t recommend using a polisher for cutting applications due to the lack of peripheral speed you can get using the max rpm of the polisher.

Question: Is the Limited Warranty the same as before (90 days)?
Answer: No. Alpha® warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of original retail purchase.

Question: Can I use VSP-320/VSP-340 for dry polishing application?
Answer: No. Alpha® doesn’t recommend VSP-320/340 for dry application although friction between oil seals and spindle was reduced, there is a risk of overheating the oil seal which could deteriorate the sealing capability.

Question: Does Alpha® supply a carriage for scratch removal applications for VSP-320/VSP-340?
Answer: No. Since Alpha® improved the application of surface polishing and scratch removal by introducing the Turboshine System with Dual Adapter, which is a much more user-friendly compared with the Twistouch Turbo System, Alpha® has discontinued the polishing carriage

Question: What kind of maintenance do I have to do on VSP-320/VSP-340?
Answer: Alpha® recommend the daily discharge of water from the water hose and spindle. We also recommend to blow dry the inside of the motor housing to keep motor dry and blow dust out from moving parts, if compressed air is available.

Question: Where can I send the VSP-320/VSP-340 for repair and maintenance?
Answer: You can purchase spare parts from Alpha® if you have a maintenance shop within your company. If you would like to get local service, please take your tool to your local Alpha® dealer or other tool repair shop who offers repair and maintenance services. You may also send it directly to Alpha® for factory repair and maintenance services.

VSP-320 & VS-340 Polisher Instruction Manual

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