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Alpha Tools Pull-To-Cut Shroud Kit



Alpha Tools Pull-To-Cut Shroud Kit

Removes Dust For Dry Pull-To-Cut Method

This unique shroud is designed to remove dust when using pull-to-cut method. It can be used easily with minimal alterations and fits on most popular 4-1/2”, 5” & 6” high-speed grinders. Use with a HEPA vacuum for a virtually dust-free application!


  • Designed To Remove Dust When Using Pull-To-Cut Method
  • Can Be Used Easily With Minimal Alterations
  • Fits On Most Popular 4-1/2”, 5” & 6” High-Speed Grinders
  • Great For Use With A HEPA Vacuum
  • Kit Includes: Safety Guard, Dust Cover, Stainless Steel Collar, Plastic Collar, Vacuum Hose

Kit Include:

5" Safety Guard, Low Head Cap Screw (M5x16), Nylon Lock Nut (M5) w/Flange, Dust Shroud Assembly, Universal Dust Hose, Plastic Collar, Stainless Steel Collar, Hook & Loop Tie, Hex. Wrench (6mm)


Question: What is the minimum and maximum cutting depths using Dust Shroud Kit 5”?
Answer: Although you can install the Dust Shroud Kit 5” to a 6” angle grinder, the maximum diameter of the blade you can use is 5”.

Question: Can I use the Dust Shroud Kit 5” with my Shop-Vac or Other HEPA Vacuum?
Answer: Alpha® recommends using a high-end HEPA Vacuum since the dust generated by diamond blades is a very fine dust which in cheap vacuums usually causes them to get clogged very fast.

Question: Can I purchase parts for the Dust Shroud Kit 5”?
Answer: Certain parts and accessories are available online at

Question: Am I in compliance with OSHA Table 1 recommendation?
Answer: Officially No. since 1” diameter dust hose is not recommended by OSHA Table 1. However, the most important matter is CFM of your HEPA Vacuum and practically, 1” diameter dust hose is good for dust suction and maneuverability.

Question: How do I know if Dust Shroud Kit 5” fits on my grinder?
Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot list all grinders available on the market since they keep changing. However, most likely, you can use Dust Shroud Kit 5” on most major bands and models.

Question: Which HEPA Vacuum do you recommend with Dust Shroud Kit 5”?
Answer: Alpha® offers a HEPA Vacuum with either 9.3 or 13.2 Gallon canister. This high-end HEPA Vacuum are perfect for the jobsite where 115v power is all you can find for dust collection. The vacuum can be found here on our website:


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