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Alpha PVA Extra Coarse Finish



4" Grey-label Extra Coarse Finish

The Alpha PVA Disc designed for durability. These are the Grey-label Extra Coarse Finish discs, Best for Polish Stainless Steel; Best Polishing Solution for Glass Tile; Removes Paint

Alpha PVA Makita Style is a dry polishing system used to polish marble edges and is ideal for baseboard, corner and counter top edge applications.
It is also excellent for job site touch-ups. Fast working and long lasting, Alpha PVA Makita Style is easy to use and works well on most common high-speed grinders.
It can be used for other applications such as the edges of ceramics, woods and metals. It can also be used for paint removal, as the material will not clog.

Marble shops will find Alpha PVA Makita Style very effective on contours, edges and irregular surfaces such as chamfers, bead molding, and other types of curved or rounded edges.
Tile and floor installers will find that Alpha PVA Makita Style works great on the profiled edge of baseboard tiles.
All users will find this product is ideal for use in conjunction with the Marble Profile Wheel.
Alpha PVA Makita Style is formulated with a silicon carbide abrasive and a polyvinyl alcohol bond that is color-coded for ease of operation. The combination of this bond and abrasive give Alpha PVA Makita Style a long life at an affordable price.
The PVA system provides a great polish on marble edges without the difficulty or mess associated with wet polishing techniques.

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