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Alpha ESC-150 Electric Stone Countertop Trim Kit



Alpha ESC-150 Electric Stone Countertop Trim Cutting Kit

Perfect for Cutting and Trimming Countertops

Introducing the ESC-150 Countertop Trim Kit... It starts with the new ESC-150 Electric Stone Cutter, which is equipped with a powerful motor capable cutting 1-1/4” (3cm) stone slabs in one pass. It comes with a Carriage Assembly (ASC-6CSM) which fits on the 4’ Guide Rail a stable application. It also contains an Eclipse II blade (DEE006) for cutting natural and engineered stones. This system can cut up to 1-1/4” (3cm) materials with ease and is perfect for making precise cuts for trimming countertops..

Kit Contains: ESC-150 Stone Cutter, 6” Carriage Assembly, 6” Eclipse II Blade, 4’ Guide Rail and Surface Protection Tape


  • Recommended for Hard Surfaces
  • Eclipse II Blade has 8mm Tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life
  • Perfect for your Stone Tile Application
  • High-End General Purpose Turbo Blade for Stone Fabricators
  • Consistent Performance without Chipping
  • One Year Tool Warranty*

Product Details

Model - ESC-150
Rating - 110 Volts
Amperage - 11.2A
Power - 1200W
No Load Speed (min-1) - 10,000 RPM
Weight - 11.30 lbs (5.12 kgs)
Arbor - 7/8" (22.23mm)
Cutting Disc Diameter - 6" (150mm)
Max. Cutting Depth - 2" (50.88mm)
Cord - 15ft (4.5m) Single Phase
Plug Type - A (110V)


Question: What kind of cutting table do you recommend for ESC-150 Countertop Trim Kit?
Answer: It is dependent on your shop environment and the size of material you are working with. One of the most important points is to stabilize the material while you are cutting in order to get the best results. Alpha® recommends using a Styrofoam sheet that is larger than your material to support entire slab. Styrofoam provides a good support for entire surface and dampens the vibration during the cutting. When you are cutting as dry application, blade should be encapsulated in the Styrofoam so that the dust will not breach out from the bottom of the slab.

Question: What is different between the Omega Diamond Miter Master System and the Alpha® Miter Cutting Kit?
Answer: The Omega system uses two units of 7” Makita angle grinders which draws 15 amp each and the 5” Makita angle grinder draws 12 amp each. The two units are connected and cut together so that you may need to connect with two different circuit breakers. The Alpha® Miter Cutting Kit can be used not only for a miter cut, but also for plunge cut and straight cut using the carriage. Since you can remove the ESC-150 from the carriage, you can use it for many other applications including curve cutting by free hand operation. The Omega system must enter from the side of stone and when the grinder is removed from the carriage, it is just an angle grinder. The Alpha® Miter Cutting Kit uses powerful electric stone cutter that requires less maintenance as compared with the electric angle grinder.

Question: Does the Alpha® Eclipse II blade that is included in the kit cut Porcelain Paver Tiles, Sintered Slabs and Large Format Porcelain Panels?
Answer: Alpha® recommends the Eclipse II blade for Quartzite, Granite and Engineered Stone/Quartz-Surfaces. If you are cutting Porcelain Paver Tiles or Sintered Slabs, we recommend using our Alpha® Katana or Ultracut blades. If you are cutting large format porcelain panels, Alpha® recommends the Libero blade for the best performance as well as the Katana blade as an alternative.

Question: What is the warranty on the ESC-150?
Answer: One year warranty (See manual for details)

Question: How can I get the parts list and schematic for the ESC-150?
Answer: Visit our website at or call at 800-648-7229.

Question: Can I use the ASC-5CSM Carriage Assembly on the ESC-150?
Answer: No you cannot use the ASC-5CSM Universal Carriage System due to the fact it is designed for ESC-125 which is a 5” stone cutter. Alpha® offers an ASC-6CSM which is compatible with ESC-150 and PSC-150.

Question: Why does the ESC-150 come with two locations for the anti-vibration side handle?
Answer : Alpha® provided two positional locations for the side handle for user comfort and stability during the cutting applications.

Alpha ESC-150 Stone Cutter Instruction manual

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