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Alpha ESC-125 Wet Dry Stone Cutter Countertop Trim Kit



Alpha ESC-125 Electric Wet/Dry Stone Cutter Countertop Trim Kit

Perfect for Cutting and Trimming Countertops

Alpha® introduces our second generation Countertop Trim Kit that incorporates our newest stone cutter, for those who work with pre-fabricated countertops or have the need to trim stone for a custom fit. The kit combines our ESC-125 Wet/Dry Stone Cutter with a carriage assembly and a 4’ guide rail to create a clean, straight cut. All of the products are made of high-quality construction and are easy to setup and operate. A must for anyone that may be cutting and trimming slabs!

The improved powerful motor outputs sufficient power to cut 3cm thick granite, quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete and sintered slabs using a standard 110V – 15 amp circuit.

Kit Contains: ESC-125 Wet Stone Cutter, 5” Carriage Assembly (ASC-5CSM), 5” Eclipse II Blade and Guide Rail 4' (1.2m) (ASC-GR04

Model - 5480-4150 (ESC-125)
Rating - 110 Volts
Amperage - 11.2AA
Power - 1200W
No Load Speed (min-1) - 12,000 RPM
Weight - 8.9 lbs (4.0 kgs) (Tool Only)
Arbor - 7/8" (22.23mm)
Cutting Disc Diameter - 5" (125mm)
Max. Cutting Depth - 1-5/8" (41mm)
Cord - 15ft (4.5m) Single Phase
Plug Type - A (110V)


  • Precision Cuts Everytime
  • Powerful Motor For Use On Granite, Quartz Surfaces, Marble, Limestone, Concrete and Sintered Slabs
  • Water-Feed Supply Eliminates The Harmful Dust Particles
  • Base Plate Allows Guides To Be Used in Multiple Ways
  • Dust Cover for HEPA Vacuum Connection
  • New Clamping System Ensures Cutting Stability
  • Eclipse II Blade has 8mm Tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life
  • High-End General Purpose Turbo Blade for Stone Fabricators
  • Included Self-Stick Felt Strips Protects The Work Surface From Scratches
  • Built-In GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
  • Great For Use With Curve Cutting Blades
  • Consistent Performance without Chipping
  • One Year Tool Warranty*


Question: What is the ideal material I can cut using the ESC-125 Wet/Dry Stone Cutter?
Answer: The Alpha® ESC-125 Wet/Dry Stone Cutter is ideal for those working with granite, quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete and sintered slabs.

Question: Should I use the TT Ruler Guide up or down?
Answer: It depends on your application. If you are using the edge of the slab to cut straight, you need the TT Ruler Guide facing down. If you are cutting along with the straight edge on the slab, you need the TT Ruler Guide facing up.

Question: What is the warranty on the ESC-125?
Answer: One year warranty (See manual for details)

Question: Can I use an old Universal Carriage System (AWS-UCAM)?
Answer: No you cannot use the old Universal Carriage System due to the design improvements. We are in the process of making a new Carriage Assembly for the ESC-125.

Question : When I use as a dry cutting application, dust breaches from the bottom of the stone. How can I prevent dust issue?
Answer: When a diamond blade cuts through the stone, dust will be kicked out of the bottom of the slab before it comes up to the surface of slab. You can put a substrate such as another stone slab or Styrofoam sheet to capture the edge of diamond blade so that dust would be kicked up toward the point of a dust suction.

Alpha® has re-designed the popular AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, which had changed the way we cut out sink holes using a manual cutting application. The ESC-125 was created based upon the feedback from fabricators in preparation for the new silica rule change by OSHA in 2017. The AWS-125 will be discontinued as soon as the current stock is depleted with the future orders being replaced with the ESC-125. OSHA is now enforcing the regulation to reduce the silica airborne particles, by cutting with water, to keep the dust down on the floor or to cut with a dust suction system with a HEPA vacuum connected.

For the dry dust removal via the vacuum, we added a Dust Cover on the side of the blade guard to redirect the dust from the cutting edge into an attached vacuum. For example, when connected to the HEPA vacuum, the ESC-125 can be used dry at the jobsite to trim the edges of countertops without creating a lot of dust. The ESC-125 is equipped with a newly designed Aluminum Manifold System that delivers sufficient water jet to cool the cutting edge as well as removes the slurry from the cutting line ahead of the stone cutter. Since water is shooting from the back of the stone cutter towards the cutting edge, ample water is provided for any size and kind of blade applicable for the ESC-125. Along with the aluminum manifold system, Alpha® upgraded the water hose to a Hybrid Kink/Memory-Free Water Hose that comes with a quick disconnect garden hose adapter. The new water feed system delivers ample volume without interruption and allows for an easy disconnect of the garden hose when needed. The included EasyOn-EasyOff Sleeve bundles the up power cord and water hose to minimize the drag while cutting a long distance on the table. It is easy to open one end of sleeve then wrap the power cord and water hose little by little to the other end. Alpha® also changed the way to adjust the cutting depth by moving the height adjustment arm to the side of blade guard, so the adjustment is made by the Clamping Lever. The new Clamping System ensures cutting with stability, whether doing a step cut 3cm sink hole cut-out or making a groove for the reinforcement rod with much smaller diameter blades. The improved powerful motor outputs sufficient power to cut 3cm thick granite, quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete and sintered slabs using a standard 110V – 15 amp circuit.

Alpha ESC-125 Instruction Manual

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