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Alpha Drill Bit Guide Water Delivery System



Alpha Drill Bit Guide Water Delivery System

The Drill Bit Guide/Water Delivery System is the perfect companion for Electroplated Drill Bits when installing bathroom fixtures on marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. The Drill Bit Guide/Water Delivery System will not only prevent wandering drill bits but also supply water to cool the cutting edge to get the highest performance and the longest life from the diamond drill bit. A suction cup creates a vacuum that secures down the guide and drill bit during the application. It then easily moves to the next hole in seconds.

Use it with Electroplated Drill Bits ranging from 3/16” through 1-3/8” diameter. It is ideal for drilling 1/4” anchor holes when installing towel bars, soap dishes, shelves, cabinets and shower door frames.


  • Prevents Wandering Drill Bits
  • Delivers Sufficient Water While Providing A Secure Drilling Position
  • Fits Up To 1-3/8" Diameter
  • Use It with Electroplated Drill Bits
  • Ideal When Drilling 1/4” Anchor Holes When Installing Towel Bars, Soap Dishes, Shelves, Cabinets and Shower Door Frames
  • Suction Cup Creates A Vacuum That Secures The Guide During Application
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