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Alpha Diamond Glass Blade Vetro 4 inch



Alpha Diamond Glass Blade Vetro 4 3/8"

Chip-Free Wet Cutting for Glass Tile and Sheet Glass

Maximum RPM: 5900

Arbor Size: 5/8"

Designed specifically for wet cutting glass, the Alpha Vetro allows for quick cutting while leaving an edge ready for polishing.

WG0438 Size 4-3/8" - Thickness 1.0mm - Maximum RPM 13,200 - Arbor(s) 7/8", 20mm - For Use On Stone Cutter
WG0700 Size 7" Thickness 1.6mm Maximum RPM 8,400 Arbor(s) 5/8", For Use On Tile Saw
WG0800 Size 8" Thickness 1.6mm Maximum RPM 7,400 Arbor(s) 5/8", For Use On Tile Saw
WG1000 Size 10" Thickness 1.6mm Maximum RPM 5,900 Arbor(s) 5/8", For Use On Tile Saw


Chip-Free Cutting on Most Demanding Applications
Tile Installer's Choice for Glass Tile
Excellent Choice for Plunge Cutting and Trimming Near The Edges of Glass
Best Wet Cutting Glass Blade on the Market
Fine Diamond Matrix is Perfect for Cutting Onyx
Wet Use Only

Recommended for use on thick glass, also works well on thinner glass for cutting inside corners.

The Vetro will provide truer cuts and reduce waste.

Also performs well on porcelain tile.


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