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Alpha Contour for Porcelain Crystallized Glass n Sintered Slabs



Alpha Contour for PorcelainCrystallized Glass and Sintered Slabs

Curve Cutting on Porcelain, Crystallized Glass and Sintered Slabs


  • Designed Specifically for Cutting Porcelain and Sintered Slabs
  • Fits On 5" Wet & Dry Stone Cutters
  • Cuts Curved Areas Cleanly, Accurately and Safely While Allowing A Wider Kerf
  • Direct Sintered Diamond Segments On Steel Core Prevents Undercutting
  • Can Be Used Either Wet or Dry

Thickness - 4.0mm
Maximum RPM - 13,200
Arbor(s) - 7/8"
Depth Of Cut - 3/4"

Alpha® has developed the Contour Blade for Porcelain, Crystallized Glass and Sintered Slabs for hand curve cutting applications such as sink cut-outs on 3cm materials. Due to the nature of these materials, traditional diamond stone blades are not suitable for working on them. The hard, dense, homogenous material is prone to chipping, which can lead to fractures.

The Alpha® Contour Blade is perfect for working on these types of materials without chipping or damaging the material. For the best performance, use the Alpha® Contour Blade for Porcelain, Crystallized Glass and Sintered Slabs with an Alpha® Wet or Dry Stone Cutter. This combination helps to assure the success of sink cut-outs without breaking the rim. While this blade may be used wet or dry; these types of materials require it to be used wet.

Helpful Hints

- Use of water will prolong the life of your dry cutting blade as well as keep harmful dust (Silica) out of the
- Before you start using this product, we recommend practicing on scrap material to learn the necessary
techniques required for the curve cutting application. This practice will make your cutting safer and enable
successful results.
- Use the side handle attachment on the Alpha® AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter for better stability when using
this tool for curve cutting applications.
- Due to the manual operation, we recommend cutting 1/8” inside of mark to ensure good results.
- We recommend the step cutting method to prolong the life of the diamond blade.
- When you attempt tight corners, you must take the time to grind a wider kerf to make enough clearance for
the blade.
- We recommend using the Alpha® Profiler Z-Series after you cut a sink hole using the Alpha® AWS-125
Stone Cutter. The curve cutting application leaves a curved cut surface from the design of the contour
blade. The Profilers Z will clean up this leftover material to create a perfect 90 degree surface.
- To avoid dropping the cut-out on your feet, always secure the projected cut-out area before starting cutting
- Use flanges and adapters which are specifically made for your power tool.
- Do not use Alpha® Contour blades on high-speed angle grinders without the safety guard installed.
- Always wear personal safety equipment when using Alpha® Contour for Porcelain

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