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Alpha B-Series Wet Cutting Profiler Roundover 316



Alpha B-Series Wet Cutting Profiler Roundover 3/16"

Create the Perfect Demi-bullnose Edge Every time

Size: 3/16" (0.5cm)
Arbor: 5/8"-11 Threaded - Shape Demi-Bullnose
Maximum RPM: 3,500
Shape: Demi-Bullnose

Recommended For: Granite, Quartz Engineer Stone, Concrete, Porcelain


  • Create A Perfect Demi-Bullnose/Roundover Edge Treatment
  • Use On Granite, Engineered Stone, Marble, Concrete, Crystallized Glass/Porcelain Slabs and Porcelain Pavers
  • Great for Hardscapes and Porcelain Pavers
  • Nylon Guide and Rotary Touchier Assures The Proper Depth of Cut Is Achieved
  • Equipped with A 5/8”-11 Female Thread and Internal Water Passage Holes
  • Fits On All Popular Water-Fed Polishers

How To Use

Press nylon guide down firmly on top of material and turn on polisher. Always apply sufficient downward pressure to prevent nylon guide from spinning. (Nylon Guide should not "Spin Freely" during operation). The purpose of the nylon guide is to ensure the Alpha® Profiler remains at the proper height so the profiled edge remains straight. The ball bearing/rotary touchier within the Alpha® Profiler will control the depth of the grinding action to ensure that the profiled edge remains straight and consistent. The application is complete when the operator no longer hears a grinding noise, and the run off water is clear.

Helpful Hints

Use of a C-Shape handle is recommended for this application. Alpha® Profilers are WET USE ONLY for
LOW-SPEED applications. Do not allow the nylon guide to free-spin during application as scratches on the
surface of material may occur from slurry residue. The Alpha Professional Tools® logo on the nylon guide
should be clearly displayed during profiling application when using the Alpha® Profiler correctly.

Use plenty of water during application. Use of water will flush away excess slurry from surface.


Question: What materials can the Alpha® Profilers be used on?
Answer: The Alpha® Profilers may be used on the following materials: Granite, Engineered Stone, Porcelain, Marble and Limestone.

Question: Is the Alpha® Profiler used wet or dry?
Answer: All Alpha® Profilers are to be used for wet applications only.

Question: Can I use the Alpha® Profilers on a high-speed grinder?
Answer: No. Alpha® Profilers may not be used on high-speed grinders due to high RPM speed and no internal water-feed supply. The maximum RPM for the Profilers is 3,500 RPM and our Profiling Wheels are designed for low RPM wet polishers such as the Alpha® pneumatic polisher (AIR-680) and our Alpha® electric water-feed polisher (VSP-320) which have the optimum RPM range for using the Profilers. Also, an external water-feed system is not recommended since this will not distribute water evenly onto the Profiler during profiling applications.

Question: What applications are the Alpha® Profilers recommended for?
Answer: Alpha® Profiler B-Series - 3/16”, 3/8” and 3/4”: • 3/16” (PFB051) is designed to ease the edge of 3/8” tiles, 2cm and 3cm slabs, under mount sinks. • 3/8” (PFB101) is designed to create a round over on 3/8” tiles, 2cm and 3cm slabs, under mount sinks. • 1/2” (PFB131) is designed for large foot print 1/2" thick floor tile application. • 3/4” (PFB201) is designed for creating round over on 2cm and 3cm slabs.

Question: How does the Profiler give you a straight line across surface of material?
Answer:The ball bearing/rotary touchier within the Alpha® Profiler controls the depth of grinding during application to ensure the final profiled edge will be straight. NOTE: Profiling is complete when the operator no longer hears a grinding noise, and when the run-off water is clear.

Question: What keeps the Profiler from dipping?
Answer: The nylon guide will keep the Profiler from dipping during application. Pressing the nylon guide down firmly on the top of the material while having the operator keep this guide flat and level to the surface of the stone, will assure that the Profiler will not dip during application.

Question: Can I purchase this nylon guide separately and replace my old worn out guide?
Answer: Yes. You may purchase this nylon guide through the Authorized Distributor of Alpha® Products where you purchased your Alpha® Profiler. The part # for this nylon guide is: PFBNG01.

Question: What is the life expectancy of the Alpha® Profiler?
Answer: The life of the Profiling Wheel will vary depending on the different classifications of granite hardness. Our Profilers achieve very long life and have fast grinding action due to the “Vacuum Brazed Technology”. Vacuum Brazed diamonds give you aggressive grinding action and longevity, without losing the shape of the profile, unlike Direct Sintered profilers on the market.

Question: Can Alpha® Profilers be used be used on concrete?
Answer: The Alpha® Profilers can be used on concrete; however; due to the abrasive nature of concrete, life of the wheel will be extremely short.

Question: Can I use the Alpha® Profilers on a Park Industries Wizard/Deluxe machine?
Answer: Yes. The Alpha® Profilers can be used on these machines since the spindles are 5/8”-11 threaded. The maximum RPM range for the main spindles on these machines is 3,500.

Use this wheel to create a perfect roundover edge treatment and polish it with Ceramica EX for a superior professional finish.


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