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511 Kleen & Reseal - 32 oz spray



511 Kleen & Reseal - 32 oz spray

Keeping It Green


• All Ceramic Tile • Polished or Unpolished Natural Stone • Porcelain Tile

511 Kleen & Reseal is a unique formula designed to remove dirt and soil from natural stone and tile, including vanities, showers and furniture and reseals in one easy step. Kleen & Reseal will cut through dirt and soil with no rinsing, no streaking and no soapy residue left behind. 511 Kleen & Reseal is safe for all types of surfaces.

Product Description

511 Kleen & Reseal will remove most common household dirt and grime on counter tops. 511 Kleen & Reseal contains 511 H2O+ so every time you use the product you reinforce the protection of the sealer already in place. 511 Kleen & Reseal has a pleasant fragrance and is an easy to use spray and wipe product. Seal the surface first using the appropriate 511 product, and then use 511 Kleen & Reseal as needed for ongoing cleaning and re-sealing.

511 Kleen & Reseal is good for use on all natural stone and tile including, but not limited to,: marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, lapis, tiger eye, malachite, porcelain ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tile, mosaic tile, glass tile, acrylic tile and more...

Application Instruction

Remove all loose dirt and debris from the counter. The counter must be free from any previously applied coatings or waxes.
Ready to use. Spray onto the counter and agitate with a towel or sponge as needed. Wipe the counter thoroughly dry using a dry, clean towel. No rinsing is necessary.

Always Sample Testing

Due to the differences of each substrate, several inconspicuous test patches should be completed to assure maximum performance. User must determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.

Ongoing Maintenance

For ongoing maintenance instructions please refer to Miracle Sealants Care Guide. Refer to the Miracle Sealants Product Recommendation Chart for specific product recommendations.

Read entire label and PDS/MSDS before using.

Coverage: Coverage will vary depending on surface product is used upon. 511 Kleen & Reseal will cover up to 1,000 square feet per 32 ounces. Container size: 32 oz. spray bottle

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