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Pro Pan Specification And Installation

Installation procedure


The ProPan Shower Pan is the latest product to be added to the PreFormed™ product line manufactured by Fin Pan, Inc. ProPan is a professional grade shower pan that offers contractors the ability to modify, cut or even extend a shower pan on-site for unlimited residential and commercial applications. ProPan is lightweight, completely waterproof and easy to install.

ProPan adheres to industry standards with ¼" per foot drain slope and come standard with integrated drain assembly cemented into the base. Every ProPan comes standard with EBBE brand square drain and grate assembly. ProPan is available in 4' x 4' and 3' x 5' standard sizes. The 4' x 4' pan is centered drain located while the 3’ x 5' pan drain is located at 18" and 6' for most tub replacement installations. Every ProPan comes with a curb attachment for those requiring a curb entry.

ProPan is made of high-density polystyrene insulation and reinforced with fiberglass mesh. It is engineered using a polymer cement coating that offers both 100% waterproof protection and added strength. The ProPan has met a residential and light-commercial rating in the demanding Robinson-Floor test.

ProPan Shower Pans used in conjunction with ProPanel Lightweight Waterproof Backer Board and PreFormed Niches and Seats eliminate hours of on-site work. The ProPan Shower Pan can be installed in less than an hour instead of the traditional 2-3 days required for traditional mud bed installations. It eliminates pre-sloping, pan liners, mud beds, drain placement and waterproofing. The ProPan also offers superior resistance to mold.

The added benefit of the ProPan is that it offers contractors the ability to easily modify the pan on-site. ProPan can be cut down in size easily with a circular saw. The prefabricated 1/2" notch can be cut back in the pan base for proper installation of 1/2" ProPanel Backer Board. ProPan can also be extended with the ProPan 2' extensions.

Installation Instruction

1. Make sure subfloor is clean and level. Cut PVC or ABS floor drainpipe 5/8" above floor level.
2. Test fit ProPan for fit and level before installing.
3. Remove pan and apply a modified mortar bed on both the floor and underneath the shower pan.
4. Apply PVC or ABS solvent cement to drain pipe and inside drain.
5. Set pan into the mortar bed and press firmly for solid contact to floor. Check pan to ensure that it is set level on floor.
6. ProPanel™ Lightweight Waterproof Backer Board installation. Apply a continuous thick bead of polyurethane sealant into the channel of the ProPan. Using 1/2" ProPanel™ Backer Board, set the board into the sealant until you see sealant oozing out along the joint. Spread excess sealant ensuring a continuous seal at the joint.
7. Fasten ProPanel™ directly to framing with ProPanel™ fasteners starting 1 foot above the shower pan. Whenever two boards come together to make a joint, apply a ¼" bead of sealant on board edges. All boards must be fitted together allowing sealant to ooze from joint. Spread excess sealant ensuring a continuous seal at the joint.
8. Next, determine location of ProPan Curb. Affix curb to floor by applying modified mortar to floor and underside of curb. Before setting curb in place, apply a bead of polyurethane to ProPan channel and to the adjoining wall panels.
9. After installation of ProPanel™ is complete, it is specified to apply another bead of sealant on all joints, especially on the ProPan perimeter and curb, to fill any voids in sealant.
10. All fasteners must be completely covered with sealant and spread to form a seal.

ProPan can be easily cut to size or extended using ProPan 2' x 4' extension panels. If modified, the 1/2" premanufactured channel must be field-cut to allow for proper installation of ½" ProPanel™ Backer Board.

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