Non-Programmable FloorStat Control 500710-SC

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FloorStat Control Non-Programmable Model 500710-SC - 120Volt

Floor Temperature Controls:

  • Setting range: 59F to 95F minimum: 45F
  • Potentiometers: Minimum: 41F to 77F Maximum: 59F to 95F

The FloorStat Non-Programmable control also include:

  • Includes a floor sensor that senses floor temperature
  • Remote Input which allows connection of a telephone controller or any other remote control system.
  • GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter
  • On/Off and dial button

Non-Programmable FloorStat are recommended For a smaller Spot Warming mats.

This device uses a floor sensor to maintain the precise temperature you select for your tile.

FloorStat. Your new electronic FloorStat is equipped with a microprocessor and proportional integral adaptive (PIA) temperature control technology for total comfort.

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SunTouch Radiant floor heating



  • Model: 8402130906309


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