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One of the best known names in the flooring supply industry,

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International Flooring Center’s website is one of the few sites in the flooring industry to be directly tied to a locally owned store. The site has experienced steady growth for both information and product consumers alike. Many customers of the store use the website to pre shop for certain materials and products, for the first time all that is available in the new store which is now online.

What International Flooring Center has created with the new online store is a centralized location that puts everything under one roof all in stock for immediate shipping The Company will ship to the United States, as well as internationally, often getting packages out the same day they are ordered.

A few of the unique items one will find on the website include the Grout Grabber, an easy to use tool to remove grout, shower pans that are pre made water proof, and ready for tile installation.

One will also find the Shower Slope by Quick Pitch, a simple tool that will help to slope your shower without having to deal with manual measurements to get the perfect slope. Yet another great tool is the Stringa Level, a tool for starting a tile job that will leave no concerns about how it turns out.

The unique aspect of www.TileDepot.us is its ability to obtain and sell unique and hard to find products for those working on showers, flooring, tiles, and more.

Motti Vaknin is the president of International Flooring Center, Inc with over 20 years experience in the flooring supply industry.

For more information on products sold on the site, and to place an order please visit www.tiledepot.us or email contact@tiledepot.us

To make an appointment for a tour through the physical or online stores please call 877-880-8453

International Flooring center, Inc. 5047 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016-3940

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