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Glaze N Seal Wet Look Ii

Wet Look II Sealer

by Glaze N Seal


An environmentally superior water-based sealer designed to give the surface that deepened, "wet look" appearance - once only achievable using a solvent- based product! It can be used Indoors or outdoors on most concrete, masonry and unglazed tile surfaces Revolution chemistry decreases drying time and increases water and grease rsistance And, it's VOC compliant


Exposed Aggregate, Natural & Manufactured Stone, Slate, Brick, Stamped Concrete and Tile


150 to 600 square feet per gallon depending on porously of surface


• Use indoors and outdoors
• Environmentally superior formula
• Excellent repelling of oil and grease stains
• "Wet Look" high gloss appearance
• Faster drying, long lasting protection
• Never yellows
• Greater rsistance to scuffing and scratching


Prior to the application of Glaze N Seal products, floor surface must be thoroughly clean and dry. Remove all dirt, oil, grease, paint, defective waxes, efflorescence and surface sealers with Glaze N Seal cleaning agent and strippers.
If acid is used, all residues must be removed prior to application.

Application Procedure

Do not shake container, Apply 2 – 3 light coats with a good quality sponge, sponge mop, brush, or low pressure / airless sprayer.
Do Not allow product to puddle.

Sealer will be milky while on application but will dry clear within 15 -20 minutes. Additional coats are recommended on more porous surfaces or heavily used areas, Each coat should be dry to the touch before applying another coat.
Apply in temperatures between 55°F and 80°F - avoid using in direct sunlight, Clean up applicators with water immediately.


Sweep or mop surface regularly. A light maintenance coat may be applied every 1 or 2 years..


Avoid heavy usage for up to 72 hours, Do not allow to freeze, Sealer will continue to fully cure up to 10 days.

Base Aqueous Acrylic Co-Polymer
Density 8.3 Pound per gallon
Solids Minimum 18%
Appearance Milky white - dries clear and transparent
Tukon Hardness +8.0
Perfective Index 1.53

Glaze N Seal sealers and Cleaning product for stone, tile, concrete and more by

Glaze N Seal sealers and Cleaning product for stone, tile, concrete and more by


Pack Size
1 Gallon
9 lbs 1 gallon / 51lbs case of 6 gallon
5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
490 lbs


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