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Complete your bathroom renovation project with square shower drain covers to top-off your shower installation.


Whether you’ve just finished laying the foundation of your tiled floor in your shower or it was just the right time to replace your old drain, it’s always best to look for superior quality and reliability when you’re on the hunt for long-lasting square shower drain covers.


Needless to say, if you’ve never thought about revamping your bathrooms to include square shower drain covers, you may want to consider what could be sneaking through your drain. What a thought! So, if you’re growing tired of waiting for your shower to fully drain after rinsing off, then perhaps a square shower drain cover would be enough to keep the hair monster at bay? After all, the best part about square shower drain covers, rather than round ones, is that all of your water is directed towards the drain through a gentle slope like a funnel by the means of the square shower tiles.


Did we mention that our square shower drain covers are offered in a variety of alluring designs and even come in an assortment of finishing including, nickel, chrome, stainless and bronze?

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