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Those who've experienced remodeling a bathroom or are planning to remodel in the future know the importance of having a pre-sloped shower pan. It is responsible for directing water through your drain system effectively and quickly. Achieving that perfect slope lets you avoid numerous problems associated with water built up and stagnant water sitting on your shower floor.

Is pre-slope necessary for the shower pan?

Pre-slope is absolutely crucial for shower pans to protect your surface from potential leakage problems in the future. Stagnant water could also cause mold to build up, which is totally unsafe for health. Mold exposure is widely linked to numerous complications, including asthma, allergies, and more. Not to mention it could also be slippery and dangerous, especially for shower floors. All of these can be avoided by installing an effectively sloped shower pan.

Where to Buy Pre-Sloped Shower Pan?

Pre-Sloped Shower Pan is a ready-to-tile shower pan that can be conveniently installed without even breaking a sweat. No need for mud installation and hours of manual labor, and it already has a built-in drain connection which makes it totally convenient. 

Here at Flooring Supply Shop, we provide tons of custom-sized pre-sloped shower pan kits that can be ordered whenever and wherever you are online. These shower pans are already sloped per industry standards and will save you a ton of time and labor-intensive activity of installing shower pans. Come check out wide selections and custom sizes available to suit all your needs here at Flooring Supply Shop today!

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