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Ceramic Tile Baru
Baru Ceramic Tile Free Shipping - Click Here for more info Price per sq ft SIZE Thickness Sq. Ft Per Box PEI 13.31" x 13.31" 5/16" 10.98 SQ FT 3 18" x 18" 3/8" 20.02 SQ FT 3 6.5" x 6.5" 5/16" 10.76 SQ FT 3 8" x 12" 9/32" 10.76 SQ FT 1 13" x 13" 5/16" Mosaic per piece 3 2" x 8" 9/32" per piece 1 2.5" x 8" 5/16" per piece 1 2 x 8 - $4.49 per piece - 2.5 x 8 $5.99 per piece For visitors to the Caribbean coast, Isla Baru is a paradise of pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters. A favorite tropical haven, it's a place where dreams come true. The Baru collection can make a home the place of dreams, with all the flavor of a tropical escape. It's a ceramic collection of styles that offer great versatility. Three organic colors are time-proven to be among the most popular in tile pale sandy beige, deeper medium beige, and fashionable brown. Subtle to moderate surface variation creates the right touch of visual interest Install On Floors and Walls Click here to learn how the select Ceramic Tile Break Strength 600 Glaze Hardness: 6 Shade & Texture Variation Moderate Step by Step Tile Installation - Ceramic Warranty - Tile Maintenance and More - Ceramic Installation Guidelines- FREE DELIVERY
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