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Warmup Ice Deicing Specification Sheet WSC-0929

May 15, 2019

Roof and Gutter De-icing Systems – NAMSR


Warmup’s Self-regulating Cable solutions provide reliable protection against snow and ice build-up on roof and gutter applications. The Cable adjusts to outdoor conditions thanks to its inner carbon matrix and will allow higher heat outputs when conditions worsen. All Cables are reinforced with durable jacket and are UV resistant. The Warmup Cable presents a very low rush-in current allowing for maximum footage per breaker.


  • Self-Regulating, Energy Efficient
  • Industrial Grade, 16 AWG Buss Wire
  • Suitable for all roof types
  • Standard Braid with Overjacket
  • Circuit Lengths to 460 Feet
  • 5W/ft at 50°F output, 6W at 40°F, 10W at 32°F
  • 120, 208-277 Volts Available From Stock


  • Roof lines
  • Flat roofs
  • Metal structures
  • Downspouts and Gutters


  • For any “non-Standard” installations please contact Warmup at (888) 927-6333 (US) or (888) 592-7687 (Canada).
  • We assume a minimum ambient temperature of 0°F and a thermal insulation of thick fiberglass wrap or equivalent. For protection to -20°F minimum ambient use 1” thick fiberglass wrap or equivalent.
  • Add 1 foot of heating cable for every valve or spigot in the pipeline – make sure to apply this extra cable at each valve/ spigot when installing.
  • If your selected cable length is longer than your pipe length, spiral the cable evenly along the length of pipe.
  • NAMSRK has 5W/lin ft output at 50°F, 6W/lin ft output at 40°F and 10W/lin ft output at 32°F.
  • For 2” pipes and each 2” in diameter, double the output.
  • For plastic pipes, consider 25% more heat required.

Warmup Ice Deicing - Roof & Gutter Heating Warmup Ice Deicing - Roof & Gutter Heating


  • A. Buss Wires – Twin 16 AWG copper buss wires provide good current capability.
  • B. Matrix – A semiconductive polymer core whose electrical resistance varies with temperature. When process temperature drops, the core’s heat output increases; conversely, as process temperature rises, heat output decreases.
  • C. Jacket – The flame retardant insulation jacket is a thermoplastic rubber material with excellent water resistance. It resists certain mildly corrosive chemicals.
  • D. Tinned Copper Braid  – The braid covering the jacket provides an effective ground path and mechanical protection.
  • E. Overjacket – The TPR overcoat protects the braid, and provides resistance to water and certain inorganic chemical solutions.”

Warmup Roof De-icing Gutter Instructions

Warmup Roof De-icing Clip Instructions

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