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Warmup StickyMat Heating Mats

May 13, 2019


The NADWM floor heating mats are comprised of a low-profile twin conductor cable applied to a sturdy fiberglass mesh. The mats are self-adhesive on both sides and allow freedom of design and speed of installation thanks to the pre-spaced format of the heating cab


•  The NADWM mats have been specifically designed to provide Primary Heating under a variety of floors. The cable has been pre-assembled onto the mat to allow for an easy ’tape-down’ installation. At 132°F peak cable temperature, the NADWM system heats up fast and has been tested and proven to provide 70°F ambient temperature at 4ft in height in 1 hour.

•  The NADWM mats come with double-sided tape on both sides for a flexible installation over all subfloors. Warmup’s StickyMAT range also provides for a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the mesh to ensure a very low installation profile.

•  Using the 4iE® Programmable Thermostat, the product can be programmed to suit the user’s needs. The 4iE® monitors the systems’ power usage and will optimize comfort and consumption costs. The 4iE® controller combines the efficiency of built in floor and room sensors.

•  The cable on the NADWM mats is insulated with ETFE advanced fluoropolymers both on the conductors and the outer jacket for maximum protection. The system is fully grounded with a 10ft lead cable for connection to power.

Warmup StickyMat Spec Chart 120 Volt

Warmup StickyMat Spec Chart 240 Volt

Warmup StickyMat Spec Chart 3 ft

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