Ready to Tile Bath Accessories: A Precious Gift

March 23, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

If you always thought that a bathroom is just a place to take a shower then think again!  Present day bathrooms have evolved as a design destination and are always open to new ideas and innovations.  Brand new shower accessories can completely transform the landscape of your shower.  The ready to tile accessories lend a Mediterranean charm to your bathroom and give it a distinct identity.  These accessories will enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as increase the capabilities of your bathroom.

These bathroom accessories offer a number of advantages.  They are very simple to tile and hardly occupy any space but they can bring about a sea of change to your bathroom. These accessories will make your bathroom look bigger and also help you  discover new areas which you never thought existed. The accessories will allow you to store all your shower products inside the bathroom itself, helping you to employ your bedroom cupboards for a different purpose.  Space management is what these accessories bring to your bathroom in a very cost efficient manner.  Right from that soap dish to the shower seat these bathroom accessories will personalize your bathroom. Let’s have a look at these small wonders

Travertine Soap Dish:

The soap dish in your bathroom has a fascinating piece of history attached to it. It is made from the same travertine which found its way into the Roman Colosseum. Naturally this soap dish will remind you of the opulence of the Roman royalty and take you back in time. The travertine soap dishes are pre sealed and come with mounting projection on the back. The dish proves to be perfect for storing your favorite bath soap and also prevents it from melting away. The soap dish can be installed simply by following a few basic instructions.

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Towel Holder:

Every homemaker will swear by a decent towel holder. There is nothing worse in the world than watching used towels lying carelessly on the bed. Made from natural stone the towel holders have a very distinguished appearance and bring a tremendous glaze to your bathroom. They can be easily mounted on vertical walls and allow you to lend a clean and tidy appearance not only to your bathroom but the entire home as well.

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Shower shelves:

Let’s add a bit of humor to your bathroom now with tempered glass shelves. Tempered glass is also known as “Prince Rupert’s Drops’ owing to its peculiar tear drop shape.  It was used as a practical joke by the Bavarian King in the the 16th Century.  These shelves bring the same vivacity into your bathrooms and also make it look bigger. These shelves can be easily mounted on your vertical walls and have an impressive load bearing capacity. They provide you with that much needed extra space in your bathroom without invading into the existing space.

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Shower Seats:

If you travel back in time you will tumble across the Roman empire which was surely one of the mightiest empires in the world. A little detailed study will reveal the importance given by them to a holistic bath. The Romans indulged themselves in a rejuvenating bath which ensured cleanliness and kept them healthy.  Now you can share this secret in your shower with a stone shower seat.  Easily mountable to the vertical walls,  these seats are very safe and will ensure that you can enjoy extended showers in your bathroom.  Wherever you are just do what the Romans did!

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Shower accessories are designed to blend perfectly with your bathroom and create a charming effect. They will meet all your expectations and make the shower your own personal area. A well laid out shower will help you to replicate a spa right inside your home and lose yourself completely to the soothing effect of a rejuvenating shower.  Our modern day bathroom accessories are designed by the best known designers and bring  a designer feel to your shower.  So go ahead and soak yourself in pure luxury.

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Bathroom accessories: Go back to the Stone Age

September 4, 2009

“Bathroom accessories: Go back to the Stone Age”

Do you want to rejuvenate your senses? Well, then your bathroom can serve to be the best place for this purpose. Using the right bathroom accessories in your washroom can lend it a spa like appearance and help you to rejuvenate your senses! Bathroom accessory is an exciting collection of products which will make your bathroom truly spectacular.

Bathroom accessories include simple products like soap case, towel bars, tooth brush holders etc. These products are an integral part for your bathroom and lend it a neat and clean appearance. You can also get these products in stone finish which will give your bathroom a unique appearance and help you to spend more time inside it!

Along with the soap cases you can also have stone benches and corner shower shelves made out of porcelain or other amazing stones. These benches will help you to completely relax in your bathroom and leave all your stress behind. You can also estimate the amount required to give your bathroom a stone finish with the help of flooring calculator.

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The post Bathroom accessories: Go back to the Stone Age first appeared on Flooring Supply Shop Blog.