Dont slip use anti-slip additive

July 26, 2010

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In case, you have kids at home, who play inside the house, keep running here and there, may fall down while playing and injure themselves. Sometimes these injuries can be serious; hence it is advisable that one must take adequate measures to avoid such unpleasant situations. An effective way of eliminating risk of slipping and falling is to improve the safety of the floor surface to avoid it. Using anti slip additive is an excellent choice, as it not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of the place but is also highly durable, which will last for years. Hence, one can safely walk or run on the floor, without any risk of slipping and getting injured.

These are increasingly being used in offices and commercial buildings as well. The ‘American with Disabilities Act’ requires that floors, in all public, municipal and commercial buildings, have 0.60 co-efficient of friction to considered safe to walk on. In case the floors are slippery and someone gets injured on your premises then you will be held liable for his injuries caused due to your negligence. This can incur heavy expenses for not abiding by the law, especially if you do not have adequate insurance coverage. However one simple step, using anti slip additive, can help you avoid all these inconvenience and make your place safe for everyone.

Depending upon your requirements and budget you can choose amongst several anti slip additives that are available in the market, however one must wisely select the product which is effective and durable. There are environment friendly anti slip additive solutions as well, which increases the coefficient of friction by creating microscopic tread on different types of natural flooring, such as marble, smooth concrete, travertine as well as ceramic and quarry tile, among others.

Applying anti slip additive may seem to be a daunting task, but it isn’t. A do-it-yourself enthusiast can easily accomplish this task without much trouble or any professional guidance. A word of caution, before you apply the anti slip additive on any surface, apply it to a small portion and see for any side-effects, after treatment. Generally, these additives are not used on metals, wood, fiberglass and any resin type products.

First clean the surface, remove any sealers or waxes on the floor and then apply the additive to the clean surface. After applying, agitate until foaming with the help of sponge or brush and then leave it for five to ten minutes. Repeat this process and in between agitations, check for resistance by pressing and pushing forward with your finger tips and in case there is no resistance repeat the process again. The processing time differs from one floor type to another, for marble the process time is less as compared to porcelain which has a longer processing time. Once there is optimum resistance, immediately rinse the surface with clean water and you can walk freely on the surface without slipping or falling.

Hence, these additives are easy, safe, environment-friendly and affordable way of making the floor anti slip, along with maintaining the aesthetic look of the place.

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Tile Grip: the Non-Slip solution for your slippery tile

January 28, 2010

Tile Grip the Non Slip solution

Grip n Slip, Anti Slip Additive, Glaze n Seal, Tile Grip, anti slip, flooring, safety, tile, distribution, anti skid, slip fall, accidents, tile-grip


The American with Disabilities Act passed by Congress provides that all Public, Municipal and Commercial Buildings must maintain floors that have a co-efficient of friction of 0.60 in order to be considered safe to walk on. This Act provides strong penalties for not keeping within the law

TILE GRIP was developed to improve the coefficient of friction on walking areas that are slippery when wet. Materials such as: ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, terrazzo, stone, porcelain and smooth concrete can now be safer to walk on.

TILE GRIP is a liquid Bio-degradable solution that creates a microscopic tread that increases the coefficient of friction on various types of natural materials such as, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Quarry Tile, Travertine, smooth Concrete, Porcelain Tubs and Porcelain Tile. When treated as prescribed the area will meet or exceed the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

Floors can be treated without sandpaper like coatings or concern of discoloration.

It is not to be used on metals, fiberglass, wood or any resin type products.

More Facts

Tile Grip is easy to apply, safe to use, and environment friendly. Its effects are long-lasting but regular cleaning maintenance is required for continued resistance.

Tile Grip is also recommended for porcelain bathtubs and showers. This is an effective treatment that works by creating microscopic pores on the treated surface. These pores create a vacuum effect when wet, therefore improving traction, reducing slippery conditions and preventing injury from slip and falls.


Clean treated surfaces only with acid-free and non-abrasive cleaners.

A PH of 8.5 – 9.5 are best. DO NOT use bleach or ammonia.

1. Begin with a clean surface.. Sealers and/or waxes must be removed.

Always treat a small area or a sample piece of tile FIRST before treating the floor.

2. Apply Tile-Grip to a dry, clean surface. Using a brush or sponge, agitate until foaming. Let stand for five to ten minutes. Repeat.

3. Between agitations, check for gripping effect by pressing and pushing forward (with fingers). If you feel little or no resistance, repeat the agitation process.

Please note: Marble surfaces typically require less processing time.

When over-processed, marble may become hazy and may need buffing to restore. Conversely, some porcelain may require a longer processing time as curing is low on some floors and higher on others.
When resistance level is satisfactory, rinse treated area thoroughly with clean, unsoiled water.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Per 29 CRF 1910.1200

Product identity (as labeled): TILE GRIP anti slip solution

Contact Phone Number: (323) 731 8453

Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information
CAS# Ingredient 0/0 OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV Other
79-14-1 Hydroxyacetic acid >11 o/o N/A N/A N/A
127087-87-0 Surfactant >6 o/o
7732-18-5 Inert >83 o/o
Boiling point: ………………..112C SPECIFIC GRAVITY (H20 =1) 1.04
VAPOR PRESSURE @20C vapor is water …………Melting point N/A
VAPOR DENSITY (air=1) vapor is water …………Evaporate rate: less than 1
SOLUBILITY IN WATER complete ………..pH 3 +/- .2
SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURE use breathing equip in case of gases.
UNUSAL FIRE & EXPLOSION HAZARDS: Prolonged contact with metals may release potential explosive Hydrogen gas
INCOMPABALITY: Strong oxidizing agents.


Ingestion: Give large quantities of fluids and seek medical attention.
Skin: Wash with soap and water.
Eyes: Rinse or flush with running water at least 15 minutes.
RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Use with adequate ventilation.
OTHER PROTECTIVE EQUIP: Rubber boots suggested, not mandatory.

A pH of 8.5 – 9.5 is best. (NO bleach, ammonia, vinegar or acid cleaners should be used). Wax products and sealers will clog the microscopic pores and a slippery condition can return.

Newly installed Tile or Marble should not be treated for at least 30 days from day of installation. Previously installed older floors can be treated right away and walked on when treatment is completed.

For more information, send a contact us at


Store in a cool, dry place, away from high heat or open flame.

Keep container lid
closed when not in use. Normal care should be taken to minimize leaking


Quart container (32 oz.)

One Gallon container (128 0z.)

5 Gallon Pail

55 Gallon drum

Large Quantity and Wholesale prices are available Contact for more information.

Why Slip? – treat it with Tile-Grip


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