What do you use for the sub-level? A guide to basement flooring

August 25, 2017

What do you use for the sub-level? A guide to basement flooring

Flooring usually goes by some rules but when it comes to basement flooring, most of those rules are thrown out of the windows. The reason for this is that basements usually are subject to completely new environmental threats. Even in spaces were weather isn’t an enemy, at least not in the usually way, basements can produce a rather moist environment where certain floors don’t prosper.

So what should be done in this situation? That’s what we’re here to help you with, as we will go over the fundamentals of basement flooring so that you have a better idea of what you should use for your own instance for example. Of course, each individual might have unique circumstances which would make the entire operation more complex for them. For example if you have a basement heating oil tank, you might have to consider other flooring options simply because of the potential leaking and whatnot. Although the best course of action in such a scenario would be to call some oil tank experts and maybe tway lifting to help you get it out so you can enjoy your basement properly.

What is the grade and what does it mean to be below or above it?

You might be confused if you talk to a constructor and they start talking about below grade or above grade materials. They are not referring to material quality and they aren’t suggestion that you should invest in cheaper or more expensive supplies. They are simply stating whether or not the material in question is designed for below or above ground level.
The former category isn’t safe from water vapors and similar threats whereas the latter, above ground level category can withstand such dangers.

Understanding the necessities of basement flooring

When you’re talking about below grade materials for your basement you have to abide by a different rule set if you’re going to get a long lasting job done. It’s important to keep these things in mind when proceeding with the flooring of your basement or otherwise you will most likely have to revisit it in the not so distant future.

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Look for the hardest materials

The hardest materials prosper best in environments such as the basement. Tile will always outperform carpeting for the basement, but there are also other options out there such as concrete. It also depends on what your design or style plan may suggest, so that it’s not just efficient but also in tune with everything else in the basement.

What happens when there’s a flood?

Flooding is one of the permanent concerns that you will face regarding your basement, regardless of your flooring option. Yes, flooring helps one way or another but it won’t stop actual flooding from happening in the eventuality of there being one. When it comes to flooring, ceramics are great because they dry out in the eventuality of a flood.

You ca also go for a laminate or wood approach but this implies a while other cause and effect. It is possible to install laminate flooring in the basement with the help of a foam underlayment, so if you really aren’t a fan of tiles or plain concrete, you can do that too.

Flooring your basement remains a tricky job simply because of how many things you have to keep in mind at the same time. However, it is far from impossible to pull off. It is however very important that you do it right the first time so you don’t have to come back and revisit the project every so often.

Opting for DIY Home Improvement

February 18, 2013

More and More People Opting for DIY Home Improvement

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Each one of us wants a prefect abode but delay our home improvement plans as the cost incurred is too high. Spending $50,000 just to remodel a kitchen does not seem to be a good move when your old kitchen furnishing is doing just fine. Moreover, these home repair & renovation jobs are quite expensive and hiring a professional contractor further adds to the costs. However these days, you do not have to spend so much to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, especially if you are ready to put in some effort yourself. Do-It-Yourself or DIY task will allow you to save significant amount of money as you do not have to pay any professional for the job.

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In order to improve your home you can paint the walls, update fixtures, or install energy saving solar panels, insulation or even flooring. Any of these will do wonders to improve the aesthetics of your home and increase its value. Installing floors is a great option to give a delightful visual effect to your abode. Further, tiling, grouting, carpentering are also other options for floor improvement.

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Availability of highly effective do-it-yourself or DIY kits present in the market have made it all the more easy for homeowners to renovate their homes rather than seeking professional help. Homeowners who availed the services of expert professionals in the past are also opting for DIY home improvements nowadays. The reason for the surge of user-friendly DIY home improvement kits is that these are easy to use and come with detailed procedure description that allows even first time DIY enthusiasts to complete the task with ease.

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This trend got tremendous boost due to easy availability of various government grants and refinance options. These finance options allow people to spend their savings on enhancing the look of their homes and get financial incentives that help in offsetting some of the cost incurred on the task.

Performing the DIY tasks is convenient, provided you have patience, skill and adequate tools to complete the task. One of the simplest DIY tasks is installing new floor as it can drastically change the overall look of the house. For installing new floor, you need to choose from the different flooring options available. Tile vinyl, laminate floor and epoxy are few alternatives that can be installed in no time. After you have decided what flooring option you want to install, you need to ensure that all the tools are working properly and have all other essential things that is required for doing the task. While installing new floor or doing any other task, make sure you follow all the instructions carefully, along with following safety tips.

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Doing task on your own and seeing the outcome, you realize that all the effort was worth as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as increase its value. Moreover, opting for DIY home improvement helps save substantial amount of money as well as avoids dealing with annoying professionals. Furthermore, you gain immense satisfaction on seeing how all your efforts have improved the appearance of your home. Owing to all these factors, more and more people are opting for DIY home improvement.

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Maximizing your bathroom space

June 3, 2010

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Bathroom is an integral part of every house and generally these are designed keeping functionality in mind, thereby most of the bathrooms are cramped and small. Sometimes, it is so cramped that there is not even enough space to move around. Most of the bathrooms are stuffed with tub, shower, sink, shelves and other necessary things in a small area. As a result, the place looks cluttered, probably the most disorganized room in the entire house.

In case, your bathroom is also small and cramped which you wish to renovate into a beautiful and functional bathroom, then there are several steps which can take, without having to incur heavy expenses. Foremost, for the walls of the room, choose light colors where stripes can do the trick as it help elongates the walls’ appearance and the space seem bigger. Moreover, you must choose an even lighter shade for the ceilings, as compared to the walls, as it will make surface recede from view and enlarge small space. You can use light colored tiles, paints or wallpapers with small prints as large, bold prints can make the place look cluttered. The most important factor is to keep it simple or otherwise it will impede all the efforts to maximize your bathroom space.

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Another simple way to address the lack of space in your bathroom is maximize the storage around sink where you can add vanity or shelves under the sink for cosmetics, toiletries and other belongings. In case you already have a vanity, then you can increase its storage capacity through simple modifications. Add shelves or half shelves, wire racks on the inside of cabinet doors, built-in nooks and include pullout elements, similar to the kitchen cabinetry, such as towel rods, shelves and wastebasket.

Apart from vanity, another simple option is to use shelves for placing pretty much everything you need. You can either mount it on the wall or recess it into the walls, without taking up the limited floor area. Amongst the different shelf options available in the market today, corner shelves are your best bet, which can easily hold all the indispensable items. In case there is scope for some space, you can even opt for free-standing shelves as these can be easily moved around for your convenience.

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In addition, you can even use a lot of mirror in your bathroom as it easily creates an illusion of space. To further camouflage the lack of space in the small bathroom, you can use two mirrors placed opposite to each other as it creates an illusion of a never-ending room. Further, instead of shower curtains which clutter the view, you can use clear glass shower doors as it does not obstruct the space or its view. Moreover, keep the doors, trims and accessories in soft colors, such as pastels which reflect light or better yet, of the same color as that of walls so as to make the space appear wider.

Hence, these simple steps can help you maximize your bathroom space, without having to compromise on utility or aesthetic value.

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Prevent cluttering in your shower

May 25, 2010

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Modern construction designs have rendered space to be a premium commodity, so it has become all the more important to make maximum utilization of the space that is available to you. Utilization of space is especially important in a bathroom since it is one of the most important areas of a house. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you are able to effectively utilize the available space in your bathroom is by using shower recess and niches.

Earlier when a separate space for keeping accessories in a shower was required people used to install either a ceramic soap dish or a corner shelf. Although effective, this method used up a lot of space in the shower area; therefore, a more effective storage solution was required. It is in order to effectively utilize the space in a shower that the uses of shower recessed shelves have gained popularity. Most people use a variety of cosmetics and accessories while showering and cluttering in the shower area has become a common problem that is faced by many.

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Not only can shower niche prevent cluttering in your shower; it can also act as an essential part of your shower’s decoration theme. These recesses and niches can be easily installed in your shower area thereby ensuring that there is no damage to the surrounding areas. Further, these porcelain recesses and niches are available in a variety of colors, shapes and designs to suit to the specific theme of your shower. You can even use these recesses and niches to create a special theme in your shower area thereby enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

For those who like to fix things on their own; while installing these recesses & niches would face the problem of effectively waterproofing it. Since even a minor leak in the shower area could significantly damage the walls, it is of prime importance to ensure effectively waterproofing the installed recesses and niches. This problem has been effectively solved by high quality shower recesses and niches such as those offered by FlooringSupplyShop. These recesses and niches do not require any waterproofing so you can easily install them within a matter of hours rather than days.

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Manufactured using high quality porcelain, these shower recesses and niches are highly durable and offer longevity. You can easily clean these porcelain recesses and niches without using any special chemicals thereby ensuring ease in maintenance.

It is due to the high utility and ease of installation that these porcelain recesses and niches are widely being preferred. You can go through the website of flooringsupplyshop to get access to the various porcelain recesses and niches that are being offered. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, you can select the one that best suits the specific theme of your shower area. The unique feature of these recesses and niches is that you will be able to create space for all your shower accessories, thereby ensuring an effective showering experience.

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Shower recessed shelves: Splash around in joy

March 9, 2010

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Imagine a bathroom which is multi-functional and caters to all your requirements! Well, the modern day bathrooms are equipped with all the features which will ensure that you have a completely rejuvenating experience in your bathroom.  The popularity of bathroom accessories is catching on like a forest fire and you can add a bit of magic to your bathroom with these splendid accessories. Accessories like shower recessed shelves will help you store your favorite shower stuff in one place and also lend a beautiful appearance to your bathroom.

A bathroom is no longer just a bathing area but presents tremendous opportunities as far as interior designing is concerned.  Today, a bathroom is a favorite area of designers and showcases the latest innovations.  Bathroom accessories ensure a clean and dry look to the shower area and also help you better manage the space.  These accessories will beautify your bathroom and also improve its capabilities.

Bathroom shelves are  innovative products which ensure that you can store all your favorite shower stuff in one place to enjoy a holistic bathing experience.  The stone shelves also bring in a much needed old world charm to your bathroom and add a resplendent appeal.  The waterproof designs can be installed within no time at all and have an extended life span.

Ready to tile Shower pans, PreFormed Shower Pan, shower pan, tileredi, shower base, custom shower pan

Along with stone the use of alloyed Aluminum for manufacturing shower shelves is also very popular.  The use of Aluminum makes the shelves lightweight and also easy to install.  These shelves have suitable load bearing capacity and can store all your shower products perfectly.  The shelves also have a multi-faceted personality and can be used in almost every part of the house including your kitchen and living room.

Shower recessed shelves also prove to be simply great for enjoying an invigorating bath.  With a tremendous load bearing capacity you can sit comfortably in your shower without having to worry about anything. The one piece frame makes these shelves easy to install requiring no additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement.  The shelves are made from corrosion resistant materials which lend them a longer life.  You should ensure that the shelves are installed properly by seeking the services of an experienced installer.

The tempered glass shower shelves are gaining tremendous popularity for use in bathrooms due to their non corrosive nature. The glass shelves will make your bathroom appear larger and less crowded.  These shelves have a tremendous utility – they can help you store towels and various cosmetic products.   They are also easy to install and  come at a very reasonable price. Along with glass various other materials like wood and plastic are also popular for making shelves. If you are looking for that ultimate elegance, you can go for granite bathroom shelves which are polished on all sides and feature a chiseled edge to highlight the beauty of the stone. The supporting brackets are generally made of solid cast iron to make it sturdier and capable of bearing a higher load.

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The tempered glass shelves are designed to bear greater load making them perfect for your bathroom as your shower accessories increase over time. These shelves will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shower as they are available in various colors like chrome . These shelves will prove to be a great investment and completely change the appearance of your bathroom.

Additional  bathroom accessories like shelves and benches will help you enjoy a completely relaxed shower experience. These products are ready to tile and an experienced installer will install them in just an hour. Following proper guidelines while installing these bathroom accessories will ensure that you have a terrific shower experience. An experienced installer will ensure that all the accessories are safely fitted and give your bathroom an amazing face lift.

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Ready to tile shower pan: Enjoy a refreshing experience!

February 28, 2010

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Do you feel stressed out after a long day at work? Well, the solution to your problem is right inside your shower! A refreshing shower can soothe your nerves and help you relax completely after a long tiring day.  A dry and clean floor is what makes for a rejuvenating shower.  The ready to tile shower pans will lend a neat look to your shower and make it safe for use. It is surely the best investment you can do in your bathroom!

Ready to tile shower pans are a complete revolution which have taken the plumbing industry by a storm! They offer various capabilities which can help you lend a customized appearance to your shower! Their flexible design empowers the plumbers to make the necessary modifications for them to fit your shower perfectly.  The shower pans adhere to the industrial standard with the exact specifications required for foot drain slope and integrated drain assembly in the base.

The ready to tile shower pans are lightweight, easy to install and completely waterproof which makes them perfectly suitable for a wide variety of purposes!  The unique selling proposition of the product is the flexibility it offers!  The shower pans give the contractors a flexibility to cut it using circular saws!  The contractors can thus modify the shower pans as per the requirements of your shower!

The ready to tile shower pans  are made from completely environmentally friendly products and so can help you make a positive contribution tothe environment!  These products will lend a Mediterranean charm to your shower and provide a soothing experience right inside your bathroom!  So leave all those worries behind and submerge yourself into a relaxing shower!

Flooring Supply Shop offers ready to tile shower pans and other bathroom accessories. The website www.flooringsupplyshop.com provides complete information about the company.

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Shower recessed shelves Make your bathroom glamorous!

February 25, 2010

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Have you ever tried to imagine the latent power of your bathroom?  Well, your bathroom can provide heavenly relaxation to your entire body and even help you completely recharge your batteries!  Bathroom accessories like shower recessed shelves lend a very organized look to your bathroom and will make you feel like a princess.

Shower recessed shelves are the perfect accessory for the modern day shower.  They provide you with a huge amount of space to store all your favorite shower materials like gels and soaps.  A stone shelf will also add a rustic charm to your shower and help you enjoy a spa like experience in your bathroom!

Along with these shelves, the ceramic bathroom tiles and mosaic tiles also bring in a lot of elegance to a bathroom.  The natural colors of these tiles allow them to blend perfectly with your bathroom interiors and create a mesmerizing appeal.  The modern day stainless steel tiles are also anti slip, ensuring complete safety for your family.  So light up those aroma candles and soak your body and mind in this heavenly experience right in your shower!

Flooring Supply Shop offers shower recessed shelves and other bathroom accessories. The website www.flooringsupplyshop.com offers complete information about the company.

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Electric floor heating: A new Sunrise!

February 2, 2010

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The elements of nature can bring a perfect sense of harmony to your lives! Now you can enjoy the warmth of the Sun in your interiors with electric floor heating! Electric floor heating products employ the use of safe processes to lend warmth to your home! Electric floor heating can help you enjoy a nice and warm shower or have a great time in the kitchen!

Electric floor heating employs the use of electricity to warm your floors. A good electrical floor heating system replicates the effects created by the Sun in your interiors! Floor heating ensures a warm and comfortable environment in your house besides providing safety to your family. It also brings the warmth of the Sun in your home!

A Sun Touch floor heating system clearly stands out from its competitors owing to its unique feature of reducing the Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF)! EMF is radiated from all the electrical gadgets and an over exposure to the same can have an adverse effect on your health. However Sun Touch heat flooring systems are equipped with a dual wire shield which keeps EMF at bay and allows you to have a healthy and warm experience!

The credibility of the Sun Touch Electric floor heating systems has been established by germane certifications like REET (Radiant Electric Emission Test). However little care is also necessary to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the floors. For instance, latex modified mortars can prove to be the perfect bonding coat for your floors!

Along with flooring materials, the entire portfolio of flooring products includes an exciting range of stone materials to lend a rustic charm to your shower! The glazed stones and porcelain benches bring back the Mediterranean charm to your bathroom and will make you feel like a prince! The shower recessed shelves also lend a very clean appearance to your shower! They offer a lot of space to store your shower accessories and lend your bathroom a spa like appearance to rejuvenate your senses!

Flooring Supply Shop offers electric floor heating and fiber glass shower pans. The company also provides various products like shower pans and radiant floor heating solutions which are important for the purpose of flooring.

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