Solutions for Small Kitchens

February 12, 2011

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Many homeowners face the problem of not having enough space in their kitchens. Due to the shortage of space, one may either collide with things kept in the kitchen or step on someone else’s toe while trying to reach something. Moreover, one does not even feel like cooking in such a small space. Additionally, one also has to adjust various kitchen items in the tiny space, making it cluttered and untidy.

In case you also have a small kitchen and face such problems daily, there are certain useful steps that can help you overcome space constraint. Foremost, you can make use of various designing tips to create an illusion of space. An easy way of achieving this is through proper lighting, such as, take measures to maximize any natural light by keeping the blinds up and curtains back. In case you wish to add more lights, but do not want to take up any valuable space, you can install lights under the cabinet. Apart from this, you can also use light colored walls, curtains, blinds and cabinets, to make the room look more open.

Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, ceramic tiles, Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, stone, marble, granite, travertine

You must also ensure maximum use of available space in a proper manner. Foremost, you should take a look around your kitchen and sort out things as per the frequency of their use. Things that you do not use frequently like juicer or food processing machine, can be removed from the kitchen and stored somewhere else, such as the store room or garage. The next thing that you need to focus upon is the arrangement of things, such as you should keep the cooking utensils and oven mits near the stove. You must keep all the necessary and most used items in an easily accessible place, so that one does not collide with other things or people.

You always have the option of arranging various kitchen items in cabinets that can easily accommodate numerous things. However, if the cabinet is not large enough to solve the space problem, you can install lazy susans and dividing trays in these cabinets. This is also an effective solution in case one is not able to maintain different cabinets for specific group of items. Incorporating ample storage facility is probably the most effective and easiest way of overcoming space problem in small kitchens. Besides, you can even opt for hang up pots and pans that empties a lot of space in the cabinets.

Apart from this, you can also have deeper counters as these not only increase work space, but can also accommodate more items. Additionally, to minimize the use of space, you can select drop table, small sized round table or built-in counter along the wall. It is always advisable to install a large kitchen sink, as it is very convenient and suitable for washing pots and pans.

With the advancement in technology, now you have access to various compact and space saving appliances. Numerous brands are designing products for small kitchens, such as microwaves that can be hung underneath cabinets. You also have the option of choosing refrigerators that are 24 inches deep instead of 30 inches deep.

Making use of these simple measures can help you overcome the problem associated with small kitchens.

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Hardwood Inlays Enhances the Beauty of your Hardwood Floors

November 12, 2010

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Hardwood is a popular flooring option, which provides a stunning and aesthetic look to your home. You can further beautify the look of the hardwood floor with the help of hardwood inlays, which are a work of art. These inlays are an array of stunning design patterns, using different finely-crafted hardwood veneers. Moreover, you can even get the designs customized by the artisans in accordance with the furniture and decor of the room. In addition, it proves to be a cost-effective option as these design patterns can be installed into the pre-existing hardwood floor. Hence, if you get bored of looking at the same hardwood flooring for years, you can choose hardwood inlays for giving it a whole new look.

The availability of a wide range of different types of hardwood floor inlays gives you ample choice to make your pick. These can be inlaid into any room in the house, whether it is the living room, kitchen or utility room. Hardwood inlays can be made from any kind of wood, providing different grain and color options for you.

Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, Maple hardwood, laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, hickory, eco friendly hardwood

Popular choices include, ‘Oak’ having a dark tight grain, ‘Fir’ possessing large patches of dark grain and ‘Birch’, which has more knotholes. You can also opt for ‘Pine’, ‘Light colored maple’ having less pronounced grain or ‘Ash’ which has a uniform texture and grain. In case your budget is not an issue, you can choose from specialty woods, such as Teak, Cherry and Walnut, which are expensive but beautiful.

Apart from the types of wood, you can also choose from an encompassing range of breathtaking designs, borders, styles and medallions, available in different sizes and types of wood. Among these the borders are quite popular where the carefully crafted hardwood veneers can be inlayed as borders, all around the room. It can border the fireplace, foyers or any other place like the room’s center piece, to enhance the overall beauty of the room. You can even install the hardwood veneer as borders on the stairs. In addition, there are various other possibilities where you can use a combination of flowing rope style, geometric shapes or other specific images that you like, in different hardwood and stains.

Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, Maple hardwood, laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, hickory, eco friendly hardwood

Furthermore, another popular option, increasingly being used in residential and corporate buildings, is the hardwood inlay medallions in a circular design, which is essentially used for foyers, landings and even as the center of living room or any other room. You can choose a geometric or any abstract design that you can imagine which a talented artisan can bring a reality. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, like computer laser-cutting, has made inlay designs on hardwood floors a convenient flooring option.

Hardwood inlays are undeniably the most attractive and desirable flooring option, whether you are building, renovating or selling a property. Hence, depending upon your renovation plan and the look you want to give to your room, you can choose amongst the grain, color, design and different types of hardwood options available. It is worth all the effort as it completely transforms your room and gives it a whole new stunning look.

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Proper insulation under your wooden flooring

June 20, 2010

ceramic tiles, Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, stone, marble, granite, travertine

Wooden flooring can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a house, and can add a lot of value to the house as compared to other flooring materials. Not only is wooden flooring more affordable as compared to marble and stone flooring, but is highly durable and long lasting as well. Further, flooring that has been made from wood grown in sustainable forests is environment friendly as well.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits another benefit of wooden flooring is that it is a good insulator, and prevents heat from escaping. However, irrespective of the fact that wooden flooring is a good insulator of heat, it would still get quite cold and uncomfortable to walk on during the winters. It is for this reason that it is a good idea to install proper insulation beneath the wooden flooring to ensure that heat does not escape. Further, proper insulation beneath the wooden floor will also prevent the infiltration of moisture.

It is quite simple to insulate a wooden floor if the building is still in the construction phase; however, a number of homeowners consider insulation only after they have a bad experience during a harsh winter. In such a scenario insulation will have to be placed through the available crawlspace beneath the floor.

The most commonly used material for insulating a wooden floor is unfaced batts. These batts are traditionally made using fiberglass, and ensure effective insulation of the floor. It is quite easy to cut these unfaced batts according to the size of the floor and to place them underneath. Not only do these unfaced batts provide effective insulation, but also provide moisture resistance and acoustic insulation.

In case you are searching for something more effective you can go in for a radiant floor heating system. A radiant floor heating system uses radiant heat to warm the floor, thereby ensuring complete comfort even during harsh winters. Apart from the obvious benefit of heating up the floor, radiant floor heating systems also enable significant savings in the energy consumption. This is possible due to the radiant heat emitted by this system, which not only raises the floor temperature, but also the temperature of the entire room. This effective heating will enable you to turn down the main thermostat by a few degrees, thereby resulting in significant savings in energy consumption.

In case you are a DIY enthusiast you can install the unfaced batts beneath the wooden flooring yourself; however, it is always a good idea to hire a professional contractor to complete the insulation job. Further, in case you decide to install an electric floor heating system you would have to take the help of a professional.

Thus, it is evident that although, wooden flooring is aesthetically appealing it is important to have proper insulation for maximum effectiveness. A properly insulated wooden floor will enhance its utility especially during harsh winter seasons. Further, proper insulation will also save you on your enormous electricity bills, thereby offering high utility and benefits.

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Different flooring options for your house

May 1, 2010

ceramic tiles, Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, stone, marble, granite, travertine

Never before were there as many flooring options in the market as there are today. However, an increase in the number of options does not necessarily lead to convenience while selecting one for your home. Now, you have to contemplate a number of factors in order to select the right flooring type for your house. Further, there has also been an increase in the number of subcategories; for example, in case you select hardwood flooring you have to further select from rose wood, bamboo wood, oak wood and teak wood among others.

Earlier, vinyl was the flooring of choice for many since it was highly durable, and was available at an affordable rate. Next, the preference for ceramic increased since it offered the same durability at an even lower price. However, now you have a number of options to select from such as laminate, hardwood, carpets, slate tiles and stone, among others.

ceramic tiles, Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, stone, marble, granite, travertine

Carpet flooring is widely preferred by homeowners since it provides an appealing look to a particular room. However, carpet collects dusts and is not ideal in homes where people are prone to allergy or where there are small children. It is for this reason that a number of people are opting for laminate and hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring provides a timeless finish and makes the room aesthetically appealing. Wood flooring have a characteristic of matching with any room decor, thereby ensuring high adaptability. Using wood flooring is not a new trend, and a number of individuals will find that their home consists of this type of flooring. Further, with a little care and maintenance wood flooring can last as long as any other type of flooring can

Bamboo flooring is a type of wood flooring that is available in a number of different shades and varieties. Bamboo flooring is resilient to scratches & stains, and offers high durability as well. However, since bamboo flooring is a bit expensive as compared to wood flooring a number of homeowners refrain from using it.

Laminate flooring is ideal for those people who are looking for the same aesthetic effect as that of wooden flooring, but at a significantly lower price. Laminate can be easily cleaned and is not damaged by water spills therefore it is ideal to be used as a flooring material in bathrooms and kitchens. Further, laminate flooring is easy to install and is completely hygienic, which is why it is preferred in a number of households.

ceramic tiles, Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, stone, marble, granite, travertine

Apart from these options you can also select from either stone flooring or tiled flooring. Stone flooring can be in the form of marble, granite, slate or limestone, and is popular due to its high durability and low maintenance. You can also select from a number of tiled flooring options such as slate, ceramic or vinyl.

While deciding on the type of flooring to use in your house there are a number of factors that you should consider. The size of the rooms, foot traffic in the rooms, pets and the availability of natural light are some of the factors that should be considered before deciding on a particular type of flooring.

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