Reasons to select engineered wood flooring

March 29, 2011

engineered hardwood, hardwood flooring, Laminate, Reclaimed hardwood

A number of homeowners prefer using hardwood flooring due to its aesthetic appeal and high durability. However, the main concern with hardwood flooring is that it can be quite difficult to install as a ‘Do-it-yourself’ (DIY) project. It is for this reason that a professional flooring installer needs to be called to install hardwood floor, thereby adding to the total cost. On the other hand, laminate flooring offers a cost effective and ‘easy to install’ alternative to hardwood flooring, but it is not real wood.

For homeowners who want a cost effective and durable alternative to hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring would be the ideal option. Engineered hardwood is a combination of real finished wood on top and non-finish plywood underneath. This additional layer of plywood is laid in a cross-way pattern, thereby providing support to the main wood top and enhancing its durability.

engineered hardwood, hardwood flooring, Laminate, Reclaimed hardwood

The choices available in the engineered hardwood category are almost identical to those available in the solid hardwood category. Some of the most popularly engineered hardwood options include Hickory, Oak, Bamboo and Maple. This wide variety ensures that homeowners are able to select an option as per their specific requirements.

Another major advantage of engineered hardwood is that it is pre-finished, i.e. it has already been sanded and sealed. This means that the floor can be used as soon as it has been installed. On the other hand, unfinished solid hardwood requires sealing prior to being used, thereby increasing the installation time.

One area where engineered hardwood scores more than laminate flooring is that it can be sanded at a later stage. Engineered hardwood can be easily sanded a few times in case scratches or stains develop on it. However, since engineered flooring has low tolerance for any mistakes during the sanding process it is recommended to avail professional assistance.

Although, wood flooring is not recommended for high moisture areas like the children’s bathroom; engineered hardwood flooring can be easily installed in low-moderate moisture areas. This feature makes engineered hardwood ideal for areas like the basement and the bathroom. Relative to other wood flooring types, engineered hardwood flooring would offer high durability in such areas of the house.

engineered hardwood, hardwood flooring, Laminate, Reclaimed hardwood

Hardwood flooring typically requires to be nailed to the wooden sub floor for maximum effectiveness. However, there are a number of other installation methods available for engineered hardwood flooring. Along with nailing the engineered hardwood floor, it is possible to either glue it or to use it as a floating floor. These installation options make engineered hardwood an ideal option for ‘DIY enthusiasts’.

Finally, engineered flooring is naturally warm and does not result in unwanted noise as is the case with a few other flooring options. It is also possible to install a radiant floor heating system beneath the engineered flooring, thereby providing high value.

Although engineered hardwood flooring can be more expensive than laminate, it provides high value in the long run. Not only can it be sanded a number of times, it is more resistant to moisture than other hardwood flooring options.

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Hardwood Inlays Enhances the Beauty of your Hardwood Floors

November 12, 2010

Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, Maple hardwood, laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, hickory, eco friendly hardwood

Hardwood is a popular flooring option, which provides a stunning and aesthetic look to your home. You can further beautify the look of the hardwood floor with the help of hardwood inlays, which are a work of art. These inlays are an array of stunning design patterns, using different finely-crafted hardwood veneers. Moreover, you can even get the designs customized by the artisans in accordance with the furniture and decor of the room. In addition, it proves to be a cost-effective option as these design patterns can be installed into the pre-existing hardwood floor. Hence, if you get bored of looking at the same hardwood flooring for years, you can choose hardwood inlays for giving it a whole new look.

The availability of a wide range of different types of hardwood floor inlays gives you ample choice to make your pick. These can be inlaid into any room in the house, whether it is the living room, kitchen or utility room. Hardwood inlays can be made from any kind of wood, providing different grain and color options for you.

Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, Maple hardwood, laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, hickory, eco friendly hardwood

Popular choices include, ‘Oak’ having a dark tight grain, ‘Fir’ possessing large patches of dark grain and ‘Birch’, which has more knotholes. You can also opt for ‘Pine’, ‘Light colored maple’ having less pronounced grain or ‘Ash’ which has a uniform texture and grain. In case your budget is not an issue, you can choose from specialty woods, such as Teak, Cherry and Walnut, which are expensive but beautiful.

Apart from the types of wood, you can also choose from an encompassing range of breathtaking designs, borders, styles and medallions, available in different sizes and types of wood. Among these the borders are quite popular where the carefully crafted hardwood veneers can be inlayed as borders, all around the room. It can border the fireplace, foyers or any other place like the room’s center piece, to enhance the overall beauty of the room. You can even install the hardwood veneer as borders on the stairs. In addition, there are various other possibilities where you can use a combination of flowing rope style, geometric shapes or other specific images that you like, in different hardwood and stains.

Hardwood floor. Laminate flooring, Maple hardwood, laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, hickory, eco friendly hardwood

Furthermore, another popular option, increasingly being used in residential and corporate buildings, is the hardwood inlay medallions in a circular design, which is essentially used for foyers, landings and even as the center of living room or any other room. You can choose a geometric or any abstract design that you can imagine which a talented artisan can bring a reality. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, like computer laser-cutting, has made inlay designs on hardwood floors a convenient flooring option.

Hardwood inlays are undeniably the most attractive and desirable flooring option, whether you are building, renovating or selling a property. Hence, depending upon your renovation plan and the look you want to give to your room, you can choose amongst the grain, color, design and different types of hardwood options available. It is worth all the effort as it completely transforms your room and gives it a whole new stunning look.

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