How to remove stains without replacing your floor

August 24, 2016


This marble floor was completely restored with our eco-friendly cleaning pads. Check out the final results on this blog post.

There’s no question about it, stains are never good news, but especially not when they ruin expensive furniture or flooring. Often, we jump to conclusions and assume the whole floor will need replacing, but before you panic, have a read of these simple, yet effective solutions.

Of course, the method to remove the stain will vary according to the type of stain and type of flooring, so we’ll go through each scenario.

Spills and Pet Stains


Use an eco-friendly white vinegar, which neutralizes odors with its acidity. If dry, sprinkle baking soda and let is sit for a few hours before vacuuming.


Blot, then wipe the area with  a soft cloth dipped in sudsy water. Next use a dry cloth with rubbing alcohol, and finally, a dry cloth soaked in watered-down bleach.


Combine dish detergent, vinegar and warm water and scrub the area using a soft-bristled brush. Rinse with clean water


First, use floor wax, and if still dark, apply bleach or vinegar and allow to soak for an hour. Rinse with a damp cloth.

Oil-based stains


Blot until no oil is left on the paper towel and then rub alcohol onto the stain. Next, apply dish soap and water.


Create a paste using ammonia or a degreaser. Apply paste to the stain, cover with a plastic bag and wait until dry.


Rub with a vinyl cleaner and water and soak for 15-20 minutes. Wipe with warm water and repeat.


Use dishwashing detergent to break down grease and rinse with water. Once dry, smooth the raised grain with sandpaper.

Water marks


Use mineral oil to rub stains with a cloth. Sit overnight and repeat again if necessary.


Varies by type of natural stone, but generally won’t stain.


Use warm water and white vinegar to remove stain.


Use floor wax and if the stain goes deeper, lightly sand the floor and clean with mineral spirits.


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Top 5 tips for making your tile and stone floors sparkle

July 7, 2016


If you’re looking for a natural look for your floor, which adds character and sparkle to your home, our tile and stone ranges are a great choice. To keep that sparkle all year round, it’s important to know how to clean your floors properly, particularly during the busy summer months. Here we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your floors happy.

Ensure flooring is properly sealed

Your flooring installer should do this, but prompt them to be sure. Also make sure the area between the flooring and wall is caulked to prevent moisture from damaging the floor beneath, which may rot and cause flooring to become soft.

Use the right vacuum

Why? Because sand, grit and dirt are abrasive and can damage your floor’s surface. Use a vacuum, but be sure to use an attachment with a brush or soft surface to avoid scratching the finish. Our Microfiber Cleaning Pad, does just as good a job!

Use doormats at all entrances

Doormats prevent dirt and moisture being tracked onto your floor. While vacuuming is great, keeping the dirt out in the first place is even better! Keep them clean by running a vacuum over weekly.

Easy on the soap!

Damp mopping your tile or stone floor will keep it looking shiny and new. Use soap, rather than detergent, but be sure to rinse well. Too much cleaner or soap can leave a film and cause streaks. Also avoid products containing lemon juice, vinegar or acids, which dull your tiles.

Dry quickly after mopping

What happens when you wet the floor and someone walks through it? The new dirt will quickly set in wet areas, soon becoming hard-to-remove grimes. Use a dry mop straight after to avoid this happening.

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Furniture Cleaning with Natural Products

September 26, 2010

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Cleaning your furniture with natural products is not only good for your furniture, but it also great for the family as well. This is because there are no harmful chemicals within the natural remedies. You will be able to get the maximum clean without having to use a large amount of chemicals in order to so. You will be able to remove stains and odors in no time when you use the natural solutions which is great when you want a clean look to your furniture rather than a rundown dingy look. This also helps with the odors that might be on the furniture.

Some of the remedies that are both natural and more than likely successful are vinegar, soapy water, and even a mild laundry detergent. These are all great solutions, and this is great since it removes the dirt and debris, as well as removes all of the stains and odors within the furniture. You can get everything you need from the solution that you put together. If you choose to use laundry detergent then make sure there is no bleach within the mixture. It can cause stains on your furniture that you will not be able to remove. Be creative, and think of new solutions to mix together.

There are so many natural products that you can use on the floors in your home. You just have to find out which ones work best for the type of flooring that you have, and which ones would be beneficial for you to use when the time comes depending on what you’re cleaning off the floors. This is something that should be done no matter what you have going on. The health of your flooring is important and should be upheld throughout the years to save you money without having to purchase new flooring each year.

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You can use a number of solutions that are natural and will not ruin the floors. This includes lemon juice, baking soda or powder, vinegar, water, and of course mild soaps but they are not as natural as all of the rest of the choices. Depending on the stains and smells that need to be lifted, some might be better than others. This is something that is beneficial when the time comes to clean your floors without ruining the carpets or linoleum. You can choose to go with a number of options, the one you choose all depends on what you want when it comes to cleaning your carpets.

There are many reasons why you might need to call for help, and whether which one comes about it might be time to call a professional who can help with everything you need. Try not to go too far to ruin your furniture or floors. When it doubt, call someone who is familiar and knows what to do in these certain situations. For more information, you can visit They will provide you with all the floor, carpet, tile, and wood natural floor solutions to get your floors looking at their best without all the harmful chemicals.

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Effectively clean your floor tiles

May 18, 2010

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A tiled floor looks appealing and pleasing as long as it remains free from dust, stains and other impurities. However, maintaining that shiny and appealing look of a tiled floor can be a daunting and time consuming task. Not just the tiles, but the grout can get dirty and discolored as well thereby giving the whole tiled area an untidy look.

Dry mopping the tiles is important; however, care should be taken while dry mopping since the dust particles can scratch the tiles. Further, if proper care is not taken this process generally does not clean the grout area, thereby leaving the tiled area unclean. It is therefore a good idea to use vacuum cleaner, a dust mop or a rubber prong broom. After dry mopping the tiles it is important to use a damp mop to bring back the original shine to the tiles. Although damp mopping by simply using warm water is effective, it might not be enough to remove tough stains from the tiles.

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In order to remove tough stains, such as those caused by grease, you should use an oxygen bleach based cleaning solution. However, such an oxygen bleach based cleaning solution should not be used on colored grout since the grout can get discolored due to the bleach. In case you are apprehensive about using bleach on the tiles and the grout you can clean them using a mixture of vinegar and warm water.

Cleaning the tiles is a relatively easier task as compared to cleaning the grout area. Problems with the grout generally vary depending on the different areas of a house. For example, the grouting problems associated with the shower area include the growth of mold and mildew; whereas the grouting problems in the kitchen include discoloration and food stains. In severe cases of mold and mildew growth, the only option left is to re-grout; however, stains can effectively be treated using a common bleaching agent.

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Irrespective of the severity of the stains, it is essential to start using mild cleaning agents. In case they do not work you should work your way up to harsher chemicals to remove the stains. Some mild cleaning solutions can be made at your home easily by mixing warm water with vinegar or baking soda. In case such a solution does not work you can use a commercial grout cleaning solution or other strong products such as oxygen bleach & chlorine bleach.

While cleaning your tiled area and the surrounding grouted area there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind. You should avoid using abrasive materials such as steel wool to ensure that the tiles do not get scratched. Further, you should also refrain from using excessive force while cleaning to avoid chipping or cracking of the tiles. Finally, the most effective way of ensuring that your tiles and grout do not get stained is to mop up the spill immediately. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your tiled floor keep looking like new for a long duration of time.

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Be a responsible citizen Use eco friendly products

April 17, 2010

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The environment friendly products and materials are increasingly being used these days as it helps in reducing global warming & pollution. It is the responsibility of each & every individual to contribute towards making the environment clean & healthy. Hence, make your contribution by going green and using eco friendly products for building or renovating your home.

One must make use of natural stones, which can be used for building both the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house. Marble and graphite are good examples of natural stones that are widely used for building homes; these are durable and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, these stones provide an elegant outlook and are highly reasonable when it comes to price.

Cleaning products, environmentally friendly, stone solution sealers, ecostone, Earth-friendly Products,

You can also paint your roof in white or light colors. Not only will this look elegant, but will also help in reflecting back the harmful radiation; this is also good alternative to keep your house cool the natural way. The US Secretary of Energy and a Nobel prize-winning scientist Steven Chu stated that the green house effect can be minimized by making a building reflective where the sunlight gets bounced back into space.

While constructing or refurbishing your home, make use of eco friendly products such as environment friendly flooring material. Recently, these eco friendly products have become quite a rage since these are attractive, durable as well as affordable. Moreover, you have so many options to select from, such as bamboo which gives a wood like effect. Other options include cork flooring, linoleum flooring, stone flooring, ceramic or glass tiles. All these are eye catching options, come in variety of colors and are sturdy as well as long lasting. Apart from this, you can use radiant electric floor heating systems, based on the principle of thermal heat radiation. This is more beneficial than using other heating options, such as electric base board heat, gas furnaces, wood and boilers. Electric floor heating systems consume less energy and prove to be highly economical.

Cleaning products, environmentally friendly, stone solution sealers, ecostone, Earth-friendly Products,

Moreover, you can use eco friendly cleaning solutions which do not contain harsh and harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals present in traditional cleaning solutions can cause breathlessness, dizziness and uneasiness along with having long term side effects such as cancer. Apart from this, chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, sodium hydroxide and phosphates found in traditional cleaning solutions are harmful to the environment. Hence, make use of eco friendly cleaning solutions, made up of biodegradable constituents, with a neutral pH (7) as for cleaning your home.

The eco friendly products are not only beneficial for humans but also for the environment and if each one of us realizes the significance of these products, our planet will definitely become a cleaner place to live. Therefore, for your own benefit and for the benefit of mankind use eco friendly products for your home.

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Properly maintain your eco friendly flooring

February 21, 2010

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Going the green way and adopting eco friendly products is not enough.  When we turn our homes into a green home and use eco friendly materials for our walls and floors it becomes our responsibility to maintain these products as well.  Maintaining eco friendly flooring is not such a tedious job as one might think.  In fact very traditional methods can be used for cleaning eco friendly flooring.  Moreover,  many companies have launched floor cleaning and polishing products which are eco friendly in nature and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Hardwood flooring can be cleaned quite effectively by using products like ’Wow hardwood floor cleaners’, which are non-toxic, water based environment friendly floor cleaners, suitable for all types of hardwood and even laminates. These are ready to use products and easily remove stains, dirt, spills, oil, and footprints and even leave a soothing and refreshing scent. Many companies have also come out with eco friendly floor waxes which help to maintain the shine of wood and at the same time do not compromise on health and indoor environment.  You can even just sweep cork and bamboo floors everyday or mop occasionally with water.

Cleaning ceramic or glass tiles is also not at all problematic and can be cleaned with a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. There is no need for a floor finish which can contain hazardous chemicals. ‘511 Spray on Grout Sealer’ is an innovative, fast and easy solution which seals tile grout and creates an invisible barrier that protects the tiles from dirt, oil, spills etc. This is a non-toxic, recyclable and transparent product which can be used on ceramic tiles, glass & porcelain tiles, marble, granite & stones and provides a long lasting flooring solution.  A better option is to purchase a complete tile and grout care kit from Black Diamond Stone works’, which contains a ‘Grout Sealer’, ‘Ultimate Grout Cleaner’ and a ‘Marble & Tile Cleaner concentrate’. These products are 100% biodegradable, safe and gentle on tiles and are perfect for regular use.

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Similar products related to stones and marbles are available which help to maintain the luster, color, longevity and durability of eco friendly stone flooring for years. Though stone floors can be easily washed or mopped, it is always advisable to keep a complete stone care kit at home. The ‘Glaze ‘n’ Seal’ Stone care kit is comprised of a stone cleaner concentrate, stone color enhancer and seal & a stone gloss. All the three products prevent damage to stone floors and can be used on a regular basis. EcoStone offers various stone and tile cleaners, color enhancers and Impregnators which are eco friendly, easy to use and cost effective.

As for recycled carpet or 100% woolen carpet flooring, it requires the same type of maintenance and cleaning as traditional carpet.  Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning and deep cleaning is required so that dust or grime does not set in.  Green products meant for cleaning eco friendly carpets are also available, though they might be a bit costly.

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The Flooring Supply Shop is Saving the Planet!!!

January 26, 2010

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Here at the Flooring Supply Shop, we care a great deal about the environment. We know the value of sustaining our natural resources, reducing the amount of waste, and recycling old things to make them new again. Our natural stone products are one great way that we are protecting the earth while adding style and value to your home. Natural stone is environmentally sound and will last a lifetime. The problem is that for a long time the products you used to maintain and beautify your stone and tile were not. That has all changed.

Flooring Supply Shop is offering a full line of Eco-friendly products for the care and upkeep of your stone and tile floors, pathways, patios, etc. Take a look at some of the exciting new products we have to offer:

Powerful stone and tile cleaner: It’s good for the environment and great for your stone and tile.Our cleaner is a heavy-duty alkaline that will quickly remove floor finish, wax, and water-based acrylic sealers.It will also get rid of those unsightly stains caused by soap scum, algae, mildew, dirt, grease and other deposits.We offer it in a quart, gallon, or five gallon size for those big jobs.Use it to thoroughly clean and degrease your neglected stone, masonry, ceramic and porcelain tile, and even your grout.Tackle your tough job and save the planet with this top-notch cleaner.

Kleen-stone: Do you need an eco-friendly daily cleanser that will work great on your floors and tile surfaces?You should check out Kleen-stone.It has a neutral ph, and does not need to be rinsed away.It is the best product for use on black granite.It will serve you well as it quickly gets your floors and other tile surfaces clean.It is also available in a quart, gallon, or five-gallon variety depending on the frequency and scope of your cleaning needs.

Rock Star: Is your natural stone ready for the main stage?If not, just spray it down with Rock Star and it will be!This fast-drying, non-abrasive polish will bring out the natural beauty of all your stone surfaces.It leaves them shining like the sun, and offers a protective coating from the dust, dirt, and spills that are sure to come.Let our Rock Star get you ready for the next show.

Big Time: If your grout has seen it’s better days, give it a hit of Big Time and watch it reclaim the beauty of its youth.This heavy-duty acidic restoration cleaner will wipe out your grout haze, rust, scale, and efflorescence stains and make your grout look brand new again.You can pick it up in quart, gallon, and five gallon sizes.So do your floor a favor and take your grout to the Big Time.

Enhance and Protect: If you have dull, worn-out, or weathered stone there is no need to worry.Our eco-friendly Enhance and Protect will seep into the pores of your stone and darken and restore its appearance while simultaneously protecting it from stains.It leaves behind almost no residue, and you can pick it up in quart, gallon, or five gallon varieties.So if your stone has been wrecked, bring it back with Enhance and Protect!

Impregnators: If you are looking for a little stain protection for your natural stone and tile surfaces, our impregnators will get the job done.All are available in quart, gallon, and five gallon sizes.All offer premium protection against stains and can double as a grout sealer.They come in our basic variety as well as special products for calcium carbonate surfaces, and granite.Whatever the stone, we have the right impregnator for it.

As you can see, we offer a bevy of products that will protect, restore, enhance, and clean your tile and stone surfaces both indoors and outdoors.But this is only the beginning.Stay tuned as we continue to seek out and find more products for your home that will help both you and the planet we live on.After all, saving the Earth is everyone’s responsibility

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