4 Reasons to Buy Heated Flooring

March 8, 2017

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of stepping onto a cold tile floor after a warm shower, you will know it can be a bit of a shock to the system. Change that cold tile floor to a heated floor and the soles of your feet are delighted by a sensation like no other. Here are just four reasons why buying heated flooring from Flooring Supply Shop is one of the best investments you can make for your home.

Our Heated Floors Are Extremely Affordable

While the cost of installing heated flooring was once a very expensive project, many heated floors are now electrically powered and what’s more, you can install them yourself. EasyHeat Warm Tile Elite Mats are super thin floor mats that warm stone and tile floors and are a fraction of the price of traditional heated floors. They are also easier and quicker to install than conventional floor warming mats. EasyHeat Warm Tile Elite Mats are suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, entries, sunrooms and more.

Our Heated Floors Use Less Energy

Our Radiant Floor Heating systems are proven to reduce energy usage compared to other forms of heating, keeping energy costs to a minimum while also delivering exceptional comfort. EasyHeat products in particular, also have extremely low EMF and such levels are comparable to standard household products such as televisions, mobile phones and refrigerators.

Our Heated Floors Are Suitable For Most Rooms

Although typically installed in the bathroom, the great thing about heated flooring is that it can be installed in almost any other room, providing they are fitted with appropriate flooring. If you have hardwood floors in one of your rooms for example, the changed in temperature may cause gaps in the wood. Choosing porcelain tiles, for example, means you can install heated flooring without any concerns and without sacrificing styles. Many people install heated floors in kitchens, bedrooms and basements, where it tends to get drafty.

Our Heated Floors Don’t Make Any Noise

One of the great things about the heated flooring we sell is its ability to deliver heat without noise. Both SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating and EasyHeat Radiant Floor Heating products will go unnoticed in your home in terms of noise. Of course your boiler is likely to make noise, but for many people, that’s hidden away in the basement or behind a cupboard where noise cannot be detected.

Our Heated Floors Are Out Of Sight

Whereas with traditional floor heating, heat emitters often restrict furniture placement, with a Radiant Floor Heating system, the floor surface is what emits the heat. By choosing SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating or EasyHeat Radiant Floor Heating products, you won’t need to compromise the aesthetics of your rooms, since you can place furniture wherever you would like.

You can check out our SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating and EasyHeat Radiant Floor Heating products for more information

5 ways to decorate your home with tile

August 11, 2016
Photo: Ela Haney
Photo: Ela Haney

When your walls and floors start to look a little outdated and worn, tile is a great solution to give your home the finishing touch it needs. There are various types you can use for your surfaces, but here are a few tips to get your started.

Kitchen countertops

Tiling kitchen countertops makes your home look shiny and new, as well as potentially increasing the value of your home.  Choose a stone tile for something longer lasting and practical, or a ceramic tile for a more traditional look.

Bathroom floor

The right bathroom tile with help transform your space into a relaxing spa. If you decide to opt for a design that is clean and simple, create a focal point using your favourite plant or pillar candle to draw the eye into a particular spot.

Kitchen backsplash

Is your dream kitchen rustic and cosy or modern and stylish? Smaller tiles with repeating patterns give a decorative finish, although some opt for larger tiles which are easier to clean. Whatever you choose, backsplash tiles are an easy way to add colour, pattern and texture to your space.


The entryway is the first area that people see when coming into your home, so it’s important to make sure your choice is eye-catching and complements your home. For an entryway that is grand and elegant, a marble tile is a great choice.

Fireplace surround

As well as being a cosy spot for your living room, a fireplace can be a statement piece. Whether you choose brick, stone, or mosaic, ensure your choice can withstand the heat as well as adding style to the room.


Check out our great range of tiling on our website.

Tiling made easy with ATR levelling tools

June 23, 2016


Professional looking tile floors, with even tile edges and straight layout doesn’t require a huge investment or complicated tools. In fact, simple and quick tile placement can be achieved with two small tools called spacers and spindles.

The ATR Tile Levelling Solution Startup Kit comes with  all the items you need to lay out floor or wall tiles quickly and free of stress. The intelligent system keeps the tiles in place while the mortar dries and doesn’t require the use of force. It only takes three easy steps to get the job done:


We also made a video demonstration of a full ATR Tile Levelling Alignment System application.

The ATR Levelling Startup Kit includes 40 cross spacers, 20 edge spacers, 40 reusable pre assembled spindles all for $49.99, approximately 33% less than competing levelling system. Checkout the kit and other ATR Levelling System products at our shop.

These recessed shelves will make you want to renovate your bathroom

May 25, 2016

There are many reasons why recessed shelves are a good addition for your bathroom. To start they save space in the shower while providing handy storage for your toiletries. With proper waterproofing and installation for drainage, this type of shelf is easy to clean and can lasts a lifetime.

If you want to save time and money on installation, you can get a professional looking shelf with ready to tile shower recessed shelves. This model is the perfect DIY solution since they don’t require framing prior to installation are already waterproof. In addition they are easy to mount and are flexible with respect to being installed prior or after tiling. This means all that you have to do is mount them, add mortar mix (sand and cement), and tile as desired.

Below we have selected eight creative recessed bathroom shelves to help you start planning your next remodelling project. Whether it is a ready to install piece or a custom made shelf, we have what you need to to get it done.

Master Bathroom
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Kitsilano Point Residence
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Oakhill Court
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Waterproof Flooring Safe and Hassle-free

June 30, 2011

waterproof flooring, Ceramic tile, waterproofing, anti slip, cork flooring, vinyl, tile

Choosing the right flooring for your home is an important decision which needs to be made wisely. You need to select a practical and affordable flooring option, which suits your requirements as well as budget. Moreover, different areas of the house require different types of flooring. For example, if you are planning to install flooring in your bathroom, patio or by the pool side; then the material chosen must be waterproof.

If the flooring in these parts of your home is not water resistant, it can lead to quite a few problems. One of the biggest concerns is that the floor becomes slippery, which can lead to accidents. It can also result in water logging, seepage, mold growth and other such problems, which can be dangerous and unhygienic, and may also adversely affect the look of the place. In order to avoid such inconveniences, you should consider installing waterproof flooring in areas with high exposure to water or moisture.

There are numerous waterproof flooring options available in the market. Linoleum, which is a ‘green’ flooring option, is quite popular with homeowners for its water resistant properties. This waterproof flooring option is available in a wide range of designs, colors and thicknesses. In addition, this easy to install flooring is also easy to maintain; you only have to wipe it with a damp cloth to remove different kind of stains.

waterproof flooring, Ceramic tile, waterproofing, anti slip, cork flooring, vinyl, tile

Another waterproof flooring option that more and more homeowners are opting for is tiles. These are available in different sizes, colors, patterns, and designs; which suit diverse requirements of different homeowners. Further, the tiles are available in various kinds, such as porcelain tiles that are appreciated for their precise measurement. You can even choose natural tiles, which add to the aesthetic appeal by rendering a natural look to the room. Another great option is the ceramic tiles, which are available in assortment of colors, designs, and sizes. You can choose different colored tiles to create unique patterns that enhance the look of your home.

Vinyl, another waterproof flooring option, is durable, tough and affordable. The versatile material beautifully imitates the look of various expensive flooring options like wood and ceramic tiles, without having to deal with their drawbacks. Though it is water resistant, some vinyl floors can however become slippery. Hence, make sure that the vinyl you select is slip resistant, along with being water resistant. Furthermore, you have the option to select either single or roll flooring; where the latter proves a better option as it leaves less gaps and seams for water penetration.

waterproof flooring, Ceramic tile, waterproofing, anti slip, cork flooring, vinyl, tile

You can also opt for cork flooring, which is appreciated for its resilience and flexibility. This natural, biodegradable as well as recyclable material is hypoallergenic as well as anti-static. Further, you can also select floating laminate flooring, which is not attached to the underlying surface, rather floats over it; thereby leaving no room for water to seep through.

With so many waterproof flooring options available, it can become daunting for homeowners to select the right one. Hence, while selection keep certain things, like durability, cost, and maintenance into consideration. Choose the flooring that meets your requirements, without making a dent in your pocket.

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Tiling ideas for your bathroom

April 6, 2010

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Although you have the option of using a number of different types of materials in your bathroom; most people prefer to use ceramic tiles due to the various benefits these offer. Tiles can be conveniently placed and come in a variety of designs, colors,  shapes and sizes. Most people prefer ceramic tiles since they are highly durable, resistant to dampness,  and easy to clean. However, there are a number of other tiling options that you can utilize in order to make your bathroom more attractive and aesthetically appealing.

In case you have used ceramic tiles of the same color in your bathroom you can create a contrasting border by using tiles of different colors. Such an integration of colors will significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

ceramic bathroom tiles, stainless steel tiles, mosaic tiles, Glass Tile, Metal Tile, Tile Trims, Ceramic tile, Shower Tile, Flooring Tile, Los Angeles Tile, stone, Porcelain, marble, Granite, install tile, Counter top tile, Bathroom Tile

The grout is an important aspect of your bathroom, and selecting a contrasting grout color can enable you to create an attractive color combination.  For example, if you have white tiles in your bathroom, you can select grout colors such as red, blue or green.

You can mix and match the size of tiles that you use in your bathroom. It is not necessary to use the traditional sized tiles; you can easily pick from a number of different options that are available in the market these days. Use your creativity in order to achieve a look that is as per your requirements.

ceramic bathroom tiles, stainless steel tiles, mosaic tiles, Glass Tile, Metal Tile, Tile Trims, Ceramic tile, Shower Tile, Flooring Tile, Los Angeles Tile, stone, Porcelain, marble, Granite, install tile, Counter top tile, Bathroom Tile

Another great tiling idea for your bathroom is to use metal tiles instead of ceramic. Metal tiles, although a bit costly, are in vogue when it comes to designing the bathrooms, and are being used widely. Metal tiles are generally used to integrate mosaic with stone tiles.

The color combination of the tiles is not meant only to enhance the looks of the bathroom but also to give a soothing sensation. Therefore, you should carefully select the colors of the tiles for the floor or the walls of your bathroom in order to have a comforting experience while taking a shower or lying in the tub.

The colors selected can also make your bathroom look large or small. Dark colored tiles generally reduce the perceived size of your bathroom, while on the other hand light colored tiles reflect light and make your bathroom area look more spacious.

ceramic bathroom tiles, stainless steel tiles, mosaic tiles, Glass Tile, Metal Tile, Tile Trims, Ceramic tile, Shower Tile, Flooring Tile, Los Angeles Tile, stone, Porcelain, marble, Granite, install tile, Counter top tile, Bathroom Tile

Another idea to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom is to use multi-colored tiles in the shower area and in other parts of the bathroom. Or in case you want to use the same colored tiles in the entire bathroom you can arrange them differently in the shower area and the rest of the bathroom.

These are just a few of the many innovative ideas that you can make use of, while tiling your bathroom. In order to make the right choice of tiles to select for your bathroom you should visit the website of reputed tile suppliers such as FlooringSupplyShop; here you will be able to shortlist and select tiles of colors and designs that best suit your specific taste.

Designing with Tile by Flooring Supply Shop

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Flooring: Adding the Finishing Touch

February 6, 2010

So, the floor is tiled, the grouting is done, now what? That is the question I have asked in the past after completely what seemed to be the monumental task of installing a new floor. Something still didn’t look right. I had these gaps where my floor met carpet or some other type of flooring. Something about the way the tile butted right up next to the wall didn’t seem right either. That is when a friend told me about trim and transitions. Now I’m going to be your friend and pass on this invaluable information.

First off, we’ll cover transitions. Transitions are designed to make a smooth…wait for it…transition between different types of flooring. There are basically three types:

T-molding-T-molding is for joining two floors that are of the same height. This could be a tile floor to a different tile floor, or tile to a laminate floor of equal thickness. It is strictly for floors, so if you have twin children, it will not help you keep them together.

Transition molding pieces Hardwood floors, maple hardwood, Shaw Flooring, oak hardwood, white oak hardwood, mahogany hardwood, solid hardwood, Engineered Plank. Engineered hardwood, Hardwood care products,

Reducer-This wonderful product is designed to create a smooth look between a floor of a higher height down to carpet, or some other surface that sits lower. Unfortunately, it is not designed melt away the pounds, although that would be nice.

Transition molding pieces Hardwood floors, maple hardwood, Shaw Flooring, oak hardwood, white oak hardwood, mahogany hardwood, solid hardwood, Engineered Plank. Engineered hardwood, Hardwood care products,

Stair Nose-No, it’s not just a playground taunt. It a transition designed to join your new flooring with a staircase. It comes in several varieties including pig, pug, ski-slope, and Caesar. That last part was a joke.

Transition molding pieces Hardwood floors, maple hardwood, Shaw Flooring, oak hardwood, white oak hardwood, mahogany hardwood, solid hardwood, Engineered Plank. Engineered hardwood, Hardwood care products,

Okay, so now how about some trim? If you are really good, you can just cut the tile pieces along the wall edge so that they fit flush to the wall or leave a grout line equal to the other grout lines in the floor. I’m not that good, so I would typically add a base shoe of some type to the existing baseboard to cover those irregular cut edges. The most common base shoe is quarter-round, but in our home we took a fancier type of ceiling trim and used it as a base shoe. Maybe you want to try that. Another great alternative is removing the wooden baseboard and using some of the scrap tile pieces to make a matching tile baseboard to go with your project.

Transition molding pieces Hardwood floors, maple hardwood, Shaw Flooring, oak hardwood, white oak hardwood, mahogany hardwood, solid hardwood, Engineered Plank. Engineered hardwood, Hardwood care products,

Necessity is the mother of invention, so depending on how many boo boos you made and how big they were, you may need to get creative with your trim and transitions to give it the smooth look you desire. There are lots of options out there, and you can also create your own. I have had to do that a few times, but the floors look great now…no seriously!

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The Flooring Supply Shop is Saving the Planet!!!

January 26, 2010

earth day, eco stone, Eco-friendly, energy conservation, Environmentally friendly flooring, go green, hybrid, sustainable living

Here at the Flooring Supply Shop, we care a great deal about the environment. We know the value of sustaining our natural resources, reducing the amount of waste, and recycling old things to make them new again. Our natural stone products are one great way that we are protecting the earth while adding style and value to your home. Natural stone is environmentally sound and will last a lifetime. The problem is that for a long time the products you used to maintain and beautify your stone and tile were not. That has all changed.

Flooring Supply Shop is offering a full line of Eco-friendly products for the care and upkeep of your stone and tile floors, pathways, patios, etc. Take a look at some of the exciting new products we have to offer:

Powerful stone and tile cleaner: It’s good for the environment and great for your stone and tile.Our cleaner is a heavy-duty alkaline that will quickly remove floor finish, wax, and water-based acrylic sealers.It will also get rid of those unsightly stains caused by soap scum, algae, mildew, dirt, grease and other deposits.We offer it in a quart, gallon, or five gallon size for those big jobs.Use it to thoroughly clean and degrease your neglected stone, masonry, ceramic and porcelain tile, and even your grout.Tackle your tough job and save the planet with this top-notch cleaner.

Kleen-stone: Do you need an eco-friendly daily cleanser that will work great on your floors and tile surfaces?You should check out Kleen-stone.It has a neutral ph, and does not need to be rinsed away.It is the best product for use on black granite.It will serve you well as it quickly gets your floors and other tile surfaces clean.It is also available in a quart, gallon, or five-gallon variety depending on the frequency and scope of your cleaning needs.

Rock Star: Is your natural stone ready for the main stage?If not, just spray it down with Rock Star and it will be!This fast-drying, non-abrasive polish will bring out the natural beauty of all your stone surfaces.It leaves them shining like the sun, and offers a protective coating from the dust, dirt, and spills that are sure to come.Let our Rock Star get you ready for the next show.

Big Time: If your grout has seen it’s better days, give it a hit of Big Time and watch it reclaim the beauty of its youth.This heavy-duty acidic restoration cleaner will wipe out your grout haze, rust, scale, and efflorescence stains and make your grout look brand new again.You can pick it up in quart, gallon, and five gallon sizes.So do your floor a favor and take your grout to the Big Time.

Enhance and Protect: If you have dull, worn-out, or weathered stone there is no need to worry.Our eco-friendly Enhance and Protect will seep into the pores of your stone and darken and restore its appearance while simultaneously protecting it from stains.It leaves behind almost no residue, and you can pick it up in quart, gallon, or five gallon varieties.So if your stone has been wrecked, bring it back with Enhance and Protect!

Impregnators: If you are looking for a little stain protection for your natural stone and tile surfaces, our impregnators will get the job done.All are available in quart, gallon, and five gallon sizes.All offer premium protection against stains and can double as a grout sealer.They come in our basic variety as well as special products for calcium carbonate surfaces, and granite.Whatever the stone, we have the right impregnator for it.

As you can see, we offer a bevy of products that will protect, restore, enhance, and clean your tile and stone surfaces both indoors and outdoors.But this is only the beginning.Stay tuned as we continue to seek out and find more products for your home that will help both you and the planet we live on.After all, saving the Earth is everyone’s responsibility

How Do I Choose the Right Tile for Me?

January 26, 2010

DIY, floor, home improvement, tile, tile size,

So you have decided you want to use tile for your next home or home improvement project. Which one is the right one to use? How do you make sure you get the best tile for your needs? When choosing tile for your project, there are a few factors to consider that will help guarantee your success. So hold on tight and enjoy your ride.

Strength: The last thing your want is to get a great looking tile on your floor, start walking on it, and have it crack and crumble beneath your feet. To avoid this you need to know the break strength of your tile. Tiles used for floors must have break strength of greater than 250lbs. to be used safely.

Wear: The wear rating of tile lets you know how strong the tile’s glaze is. The glaze on some tiles can wear out after years of being walked on. The range for wear rating is 0 (for decorative type tile) all the way to 5 (heavy duty tile).You will want a tile with at least a three for your floors, and possibly even higher if you are putting the tile in an area with lots of traffic such as an entryway.

Grip: No one wants a floor that is so slick you fall every time you step foot on it. The slip resistance of a floor is measured by a fancy word called coefficient of friction or C.O.F. for short. This coefficient ranges from 0 to 1. To avoid taking a dive when you step out of the shower, make sure the bathroom tile has a COF of .6 or higher. This is considered slip resistant, so still be careful.

Size: Size does matter. While the most popular sizes of tile have been 13×13 for floors and 8×10 for walls, the new sizes are 16×16 for floors and 8×12 for walls. So why is bigger better? Bigger tiles make your room look bigger. So if you are trying to turn that David of a room into a Goliath, go for the larger sizes. You can even mix up sizes to create a truly unique look.

Color: Surely I’m not going to tell you what color of tile you should choose, right? Of course I won’t.I will give you some helpful hints though. If you want to hide some dirt and add warmth to your space, go with darker colors. Lighter ones will help the space look bigger. Neutral colors will allow changing your accessories without changing your floor. Just remember that whatever color you choose will likely be with you for a long time. Also remember that the shades do different slightly from box to box. Keeping this in mind will help you pick a color that has variations you can live with.

So remember when tiling your home you should think about the strength, wear, grip, size, and color. Don’t be intimidated by the array of choices out there. Does your research, relax, and enjoy the process. What you will end up with is a product that adds style to your home and a smile to your face.

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