Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

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Most people love winter season, but one thing which everyone hates about winters is the snow menace. Shoveling snow is probably the most hated activity of the winter months that poses significant health risks. Snow shoveling is a daunting task and the overexertion caused by this activity can sometimes lead to health complications and even death. This demanding task puts pressure on the heart and can cause heart attack; especially at low temperatures, when blood vessels contract and the heart pumps faster to get blood to the extremities. Besides heart attack, there are various other problems that a person can face because of shoveling snow. Due to the repetitive lifting of heavy weight snow, one may put strain on the muscles and back. In order to avoid such complications, one needs to take preventive measures to stay safe.

Before you plan to shovel snow, you must consider your health condition. In case you have heart condition or back problem, you must certainly avoid snow shoveling. Even otherwise, do not jeopardize your health and check with your doctor if you are fit to shovel snow. Apart from health condition, also consider your physical condition. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle or are out of shape, you must proceed with caution. Before you start this physically challenging activity, you must stretch and warm-up like you would do before a strenuous activity. You must also drink some water to remain hydrated.

Suntouch snow melting system, radiant heat, electric radiant heat, snow melt systems, radiant floor heating, floor warming, electric floor warming, warm floors, warm floor

In case you are planning to shovel snow yourself, there are few simple things that you need to keep in mind. Foremost, avoid lifting snow-filled shovel as much as possible because it can be strenuous; instead try to push off the snow from the driveways, sidewalks or walkways. However, if it unavoidable and you do have to lift snow then you must face the direction in which you are lifting, but avoid twisting. On feeling sore or fatigued, you must stop shoveling for few minutes, take some rest and then start again. You must avoid over-exhausting yourself at all costs to avoid risk of heart attack. If it is extremely cold and you begin to feel its effects, stop shoveling and take rest, go inside for a while.

There are certain snow shoveling safety tips that you must always follow, such as you must never shovel immediately after you wake up. Lying down all night leads to build-up of fluid in the disc and a minor accident like fall increases risk of slipped disc injury. Dress in layers to keep yourself warm, and you can shed off layers as you become warm. Make sure to wear slip resistant boots and eye gear. In order to keep snow from sticking to the shovel, you can spray or rub some lubricant on it. It is advisable to keep the load lighter and take frequent breaks. Once you have cleared the snow, spread some rock salt to avoid icing.

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In case you have a snow thrower, ensure to follow all the safety guidelines to avoid injuries. Even after shutting off, the augur blades can continue to rotate and one can reach into the snow thrower and suffer injuries. In such cases, people tend to break fingers or damage tendons, while some injuries are worst and can result in maiming or amputations. Hence, whether you shovel snow manually or with the help of high-powered snow thrower, be careful and take measures to avoid accidents or injuries.

Safety First!!!

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Snow no longer a menace

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Snow, even though beautiful can be dangerous and lead to accidents with varying degree of outcomes. However, one can easily avoid the menace by making use of the snow melting system. This is extremely helpful in removing the snow and ice from the driveways, walkways, stairways and garages, among others. Hence, you can bid goodbye to a messy winter by installing the snow melting system.

The snow melting system is generally installed on the exterior surfaces and concrete driveways to keep them snow-free and safe year round. It also eliminates the hassles of plowing, icy spills as well as backbreaking shoveling and de-icing. In addition, it also secures the concrete from the potential damages caused by snow-removal equipment and corrosive de-ices. Generally, installed in concrete, asphalt or under pavers, during the construction; these can also be retrofitted into the existing slabs.

Suntouch snow melting system, radiant heat, electric radiant heat, snow melt systems, radiant floor heating, floor warming, electric floor warming, warm floors, warm floor

The snow melting system offers a cost effective way of eliminating the snow menace. Further, these have minimal maintenance requirements as these have no moving parts to wear out. Moreover, the advancement in the technology provides it with ‘artificial intelligence’, where the system is designed to function only when necessary. This technology provides it with advanced temperature and snow sensing controls that automatically turn on when snow is falling. Hence, the snow melting system helps in conserving power, along with reducing the operation costs. Further, in comparison to the salt and chemicals used for melting snow, it is also an environment friendly option.

When it comes to the installation of the snow melting systems, there are certain points that you need to keep into consideration, such as; you have to determine the area where you want to install it, along with deciding the places where you have to install the junction boxes. You also need to determine the heat output required to have optimum heating, which mostly depends on the weather conditions. You must have a proper layout; take extra precaution while deciding about the installation of systems on the stairs and ramps. Further, care must be taken to ensure that the mats and cables are evenly spaced over the entire area to have uniform heating, with better results. If needed, you can take assistance of experts, to ensure that the design you have selected will work properly. Moreover, it is always advisable to work out a plan in advance, rather than regretting later in case the plan fails. Generally, the snow melting systems are installed in the driveways, parking areas, walkways, ramps and stairs.

Suntouch snow melting system, radiant heat, electric radiant heat, snow melt systems, radiant floor heating, floor warming, electric floor warming, warm floors, warm floor

Using the ‘intelligent’ snow melting system eliminates the problems encountered due to snow, as well as adds value to your home. It not only helps in avoiding injuries sustained due to slipping on snow, but also eliminates the hassle of plowing and shoveling after snowfall. Snow melting systems not only prove highly beneficial & convenient but are absolutely safe as well. Therefore, before the start of this winter season, invest in the snow melting system to set your mind at ease and have a pleasant time.

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Radiant floor heating systems: An affordable luxury

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You may have installed a state of the art, ‘thermostat controlled heating system’ in your house, but you may not be aware that there still would be a significant temperature difference between the air temperature and the floor temperature.  It is this temperature difference that results in a lot of discomfort and forces people to look out for a floor heating solution.

Radiant floor heating systems offer luxurious yet affordable solutions to the problem of cold floors.  Contrary to common belief, installing and using radiant floor heating systems is quite easy and uncomplicated.  Basically there are two main types of floor heating systems; ‘Hydronic’ and ‘Electric’. A Hydronic floor heating system uses a network of pipes to carry hot water below the floor, thereby heating it. However, due to the complex nature of this system, electric floor heating systems have become more popular.

People who are concerned about the visual impact of these radiant floor heating systems need not worry since these systems can be installed beneath any type of flooring. Be it tiles, hardwood, laminates or carpets; the compact dimensions of a radiant floor heating system ensure that there are no visible effects on the aesthetics of your room.

A few reputed radiant floor heating systems, such as SunTouch, can be customized according to your specific requirements, thereby enabling you to install these systems in rooms of any size and dimensions. In case you feel that your kitchen and bathroom are the two areas that require floor heating, you can get custom designed floor heating solutions from reputed companies such as SunTouch.

Radiant Electric Emissions Test

One of the major issues that make people skeptical about indulging in this luxury is that of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). It is generally feared that a radiant electric floor heating system would significantly raise the EMF levels, which would have a negative effect on people. Although this concern is genuine for electric floor heating systems having a single wire; products such as SunTouch radiant floor heating systems have a unique twisted dual wire technology. This unique structure works effectively in reducing the EMF thereby eliminating the ill effects associated with it.

Since these radiant floor heating systems work on electricity it is natural for people to worry about the operating costs associated with them.  However, a number of radiant floor systems have an inbuilt thermostat that you can use to control the usage as per your requirements. This ensures that there is no wastage of energy, thereby lowering your power consumption. Further, by using these floor-heating systems you would be able to turn down your main thermostat by a few degrees and still maintain a comfortable environment and adding on to your savings at the same time.

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Therefore it becomes evident that although a radiant floor heating system is nothing less than a luxury, it is still quite efficient and affordable. So you can go in for a radiant floor heating system and enjoy its warmth without worrying about the costs or maintenance associated with it.

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From hypocaust to radiant floor heating. The EMF Issue

From hypocaust to radiant floor heating

Electric floor heating technology is widely considered as a contemporary engineering marvel; whereas the fact is, that its history can be traced back to the Roman era. The Roman floor heating system was based on hypocaust, which comprised of a furnace and empty spaces below the floor. The furnace would be lit and the smoke would pass through the empty spaces below the floor, thereby effectively heating it.

Although this concept went into the background after the Roman era ended, it emerged, a few decades back, in the form of electric floor heating. Due to the high utility and various advantages offered by this technology, it has evolved into a basic household necessity. The increasing popularity of electric floor heating systems is due the shift, from carpet flooring to aesthetic hardwood, ceramic and tile flooring. Although these innovative flooring options are visually appealing, they can get significantly cold during the winters, thereby increasing the demand for an effective floor heating solution.

Modern day radiant floor heating systems are flexible and can be ideally used to heat any room in the house. The radiant heat emitted by these floor heating systems creates an environment similar to that of a warm summer day. The radiant floor heating system enables you to set the thermostat to heat the floor an hour before you wake up. There can be nothing more satisfying than feeling the natural warmth of the sun under your feet on a cold winter morning.

Radiant floor systems can be considered as a part of the green technology since they result in significant saving on electricity. The radiant heat emitted by these systems effectively transfers to your feet and body; allowing you to turn down your main heating thermostat by a few degrees.

Radiant Electric Emissions Test
EMF- Electro Magnetic fields

Since radiant floor heating systems produce heat electrically, one of the major concerns people have is that of the increasing exposure to Electromagnetic fields (EMF). Although we are exposed to about 1 unit of Electromagnetic fields in our daily lives, the use of an electronic floor heater can significantly raise this exposure. Thankfully, a few reputed products, such as SunTouch, have been devised in a way to reduce this exposure to Electromagnetic fields. This reduction of EMF has been made possible due to the unique wire construction of these radiant floor heating systems. Since EMF interferes with telephones, pacemakers and radio, you would be able to negate this ill-effect by selecting a reputed radiant floor heating system.

It can be rightly said that floor heating technology has come a long way, from the roman hypocaust, to the modern day radiant floor heating systems. These floor heating systems are highly sophisticated in their design and do not even require much effort for installation. The compact nature of these systems ensures that there is no significant raise in your floor level. Therefore, it makes complete sense to go in for a radiant floor heating solution for your house and enjoy the warmth beneath your feet irrespective of the weather outside.

SunTouch vs. others EMF Issue
Electric Radiant Floors are Safe with SunTouch Radiant Heat Flooring by

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Radiant floor heating: As safe as the Sun!

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doesn’t your kid love to play around on the floors of your home? Well, now you can ensure the highest degree of comfort and safety for him with the help of radiant floor heating! It is a unique and innovative process which brings a lot of warmth to your interiors and helps you ensure a comfortable time for your kids! The radiant floors will also enhance the aesthetics of your interiors!

Radiant floor heating is an involved process which involves the use of electricity to keep your interiors warm. The entire process involves the careful use of electrical equipment to achieve the desired temperature. Radiant floor heating proves to be a very cost effective method for heating the interiors and creating a warm and comfortable interior!

One of the most important factors which should be kept in mind while selecting a radiant floor heating system is its ability to counter EMF (Electromagnetic Forces). A low EMF is important to ensure healthy surroundings for your kids as continuous exposure to electromagnetic forces can have a telling effect on the health of your loved ones! A Sun Touch radiant heat flooring system has a very low EMF and ensures maximum protection for your home. […]