Preformed shower pans: Freshness at its best

Did you always believe that a bathroom is only a place to have a shower? Well, you will be surprised to know that your bathroom can provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience which will make your senses completely fresh! The Preformed Ready to tile shower pans offer a very neat and clean appearance to your bathrooms and lend it an enchanting appearance! The ready to install Preformed shower pans will prove to be very convenient and lend a brand new appearance to your bathroom. […] offers preformed shower pans with Ebbe square shower drain

After many months of joint testing by FlooringSupplyShop with Ebbe drain and Fin Pan, FlooringSupplyShop is proud to introduce their preformed shower pans with Ebbe square shower drain.  This product is  available in 11 different metal finish grades that can be replaced in seconds.

These shower pans are available only at and from Tile Depot at their physical location (5047 w Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90016)  These ready for tile shower pans make building customized shower environments simple and worry free. These are preformed waterproof components that simplify construction in some cases and make possible shapes that would be nearly impossible otherwise. They allow you to customize your shower space to suit your specific needs. […], the online distributor of International Flooring Center, Inc., has announced that it has engaged Blanke Corporation

Los Angeles, CA –, the online distributor of International Flooring Center, Inc., has announced that it has engaged Blanke Corporation … as its distributor for the Flooring system Products market in California. will sell and provide customer support services and tech support for Blanke ’s complete line of Blanke UNI-Mat PRO, Blanke PERMAT, Blanke ULTRA-DRAIN, Blanke Transition’s, Blanke AQUA SHIELD, Blanke DRAIN Mat and more including Customer support and tech support. […]

ProMelt Snow Melting System SunTouch ProMelt products are a simple way to eliminate snow and ice from

SunTouch® ProMelt™ Snow Melting System

Pre-woven snow melting mats for quick and simple installations.

SunTouch ProMelt products are a simple way to eliminate snow and ice from stair way, drive way, entry way and more..

Follow these recommendations when selecting ProMelt Mats:

1. Determine what voltage will be used: 120VAC, 208VAC, 240VAC, or 277VAC.

2. Determine the heat output. The climate and amount of snowfall will dictate this choice. In general, most systems will require 50 Watts/Sq.Ft. spacing to melt snow and ice. Some residential or light commercial systems in temperate climates may need only 38 Watts/Sq.Ft. spacing. […] Offers PreFormed™ Tile Systems from FinPan offers tile substrate solutions provided through FinPan’s PreFormed™ line of quality products. FinPan and its subsidiary T. Clear Corporation, provides a line of PreFormed™ products are solutions readily applied under a variety of flooring materials. The Shower Pan, Niches and Shower Seats are easily adaptable tile substrates solutions which come in a variety of sizes. Among the lightest products of their kind in the industry and the most easily installed these versatile one piece systems provide the foundation for tiling in a variety of situations. Tile can be applied directly to the niches and shower seats to blend into existing architectural structures and interior tile designs. The 202 Curb and 120 Slope are additional PreFormed™ products that provide ease of installation by helping to prepare and mold the construction into a professional finish. The 202 Curb fits along the edges of countertops, knee walls, door jambs and platform edges. The 120 Slope is a Styrofoam® cut-to-fit product that quickly and efficiently creates the proper slope for drainage.

All PreFormed™ products are easy to handle and install. They are readily adaptable to existing commercial and residential constructions in the bathroom, kitchen, hall or exterior. FinPan® guarantees that their PreFormed™ products will never erode or degrade and they all are specifically designed to reduce build up of condensation and deter potentially harmful molds and fungi. To ensure a watertight fit, recommends either SealGuard™  C-Cure™  Pro Red as the waterproofing membrane. Unlike some other more expensive water sealants C-Cure Pro Red and SealGuard are simple to apply and suitable for commercial and residential stone and tile installations. Home renovation of this type offers the advantages of comfort and value with little effort and cost which is the reason PreFormed™ systems are used by professionals and non-professional installers alike. It is for these reasons and more that selects FinPan’s quality products to provide their valued customers.

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For those requiring technical details, installation assistance or general inquiries, provides their acclaimed customer service to assist with the selection and installation of PreFormed™ solutions. is pleased to offer free consultations to assist customers with the selection and estimation of required materials. holds one of the largest inventories of tile supplies and provides same day shipping for online orders. Customer satisfaction is a priority which is why offers a money back guarantee on all PreFormed™ systems.

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