Before and After pictures of Polishing stone

Before and After picture using Cheetah Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pad

Marble floor polished with Cheetah pad

Before using Cheetah pad on Marble floor

Marble Countertop polished with Cheetah pad

Marble countertop before polishingMarble countertop After picture

Eco Green Stone Care Guide for natural Stone Surfaces

Eco Green Stone Care Guide

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A common concern many people have when purchasing natural stone is maintenance. EcoStone Solutions can solve these problems with our easy to use Environmentally Friendly Product. Stone Care maintenance should not be a concern as it generally requires the same amount of care as any other floor or countertop surface.You need to perform preventative maintenance on all your stone surfaces because an ounce of prevention is much easier than a restoration project, and much less expensive. […]