Tile Grip: the Non-Slip solution for your slippery tile

Tile Grip the Non Slip solution

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The American with Disabilities Act passed by Congress provides that all Public, Municipal and Commercial Buildings must maintain floors that have a co-efficient of friction of 0.60 in order to be considered safe to walk on. This Act provides strong penalties for not keeping within the law

TILE GRIP was developed to improve the coefficient of friction on walking areas that are slippery when wet. Materials such as: ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, terrazzo, stone, porcelain and smooth concrete can now be safer to walk on.

TILE GRIP is a liquid Bio-degradable solution that creates a microscopic tread that increases the coefficient of friction on various types of natural materials such as, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Quarry Tile, Travertine, smooth Concrete, Porcelain Tubs and Porcelain Tile. When treated as prescribed the area will meet or exceed the requirements of the American Disabilities Act. […]