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Steam Showers FAQ

December 27, 2013

Serene Steam Showers FAQ

Serene Steam Shower System

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How big is the actual unit?

The Serene Steam system is approximately 63 inches in height by 8 inches wide. It is designed to be inserted upright in your shower wall for a flush finish replacing all your other shower features. Serene Steam includes a beautiful rain shower, head, back and shoulder sprays, a hand held spray, and the main feature being the steam system.

shower with falling water

I have seen several shower products on the market that have a similar appearance to Serene Steam. Why are they less expensive and how do they differ?

This is a great question. The products that appear similar are not steam producing systems. Serene Steam is a unique, and Patent Pending system which has it’s primary feature of producing a steam shower. All the other general features that we have incorporated may have similar functionality to others, but the steam feature is unique, manufactured in the United States and cannot be seen or used on any other known system available. Together with the steam feature and all other functions, the end result is a high end, luxurious shower system that is only available from Serene Steam, and Authorized dealer.

steam shower

What size shower will work with Serene Steam? Do I need to choose a specific model based on my shower size?

Serene Steam does not require that you have a specific size shower, nor do you need to choose a model based on your shower size. Serene Steam has been tested to function in all standard shower enclosures ranging from the very smallest to a 8 by 4 foot shower enclosure (which is considered really large). In our video demonstrated on this web site we have used a shower enclosure which is 8 by 4 feet. Based on the technology we use, any other size smaller than, and including our demonstration is considered perfect for use, and should steam up the entire environment with ease. If you have an irregular, or non-typical shower enclosure that exceeds an 8 by 4 feet area, please contact us and we can discuss building you a custom unit.

Which model should I choose?

We offer two beautiful Stainless Steel models, they both have exactly the same features and functionality. The difference between them is the top and bottom of the unit’s design. The Desert Rose model has a square, and rectangular theme, whereas the Blue Orchid model has a slightly rounded them at he top and the bottom of the unit.

Both models are available in either a Brushed Satin finish or a Polished Mirror – like finish.

Do I need anything else for it to work?

Serene Steam arrives with everything that it needs to operate. Depending on the installation preference that you have chosen there may be some basic, off the shelf plumbing parts required depending on your enclosure, such as extra hose for drainage. (All known installation options are supplied with all parts except for unknown custom requirements).

water from the shower modern shower

Does the product need any generators or additional components?

No, other than basic plumbing parts, Serene Steam is a self contained system that does not require any generators nor electrical at all.

I saw a product that simply sprays hot water from misting nozzles that claims to produce steam, is this one of those products?

Absolutely not, Serene Steam produces real steam that is emitted into your shower enclosure from the steam outlet of the system. Please see the live demo which demonstrates this.

How can it not need electricity?

Serene Steam has been in development for many years to bring to market a product that uses pure physics and a combination of water events and sequences to produce the hot steam. There is absolutely no electrical required at all.

Is it easy to install?

Serene Steam is easy to install, especially when compared with all other known steam shower systems, there is no major reconstruction to install. Because the system is required to be connected to a water line, it is always required that the system be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor within the codes of your region. The best way to describe the installation would be comparing it to installing a wall “Niche” and connect to a water line with your option of drainage. (Complete installation instructions come with every unit).

Where does the excess water drain to?

The Serene Steam system is required to drain the excess water as do most known steam systems. There are multiple options for installing the system which will determine where, and how you drain the excess water. There are 2 typical solutions that are recommended which are:

1. Drain into an existing drain, best used when upgrading, or remodeling your shower so that there is easy access to your shower drain, or you can access your shower drain based on your showers’ construction.

2. Create a basic drainage directed appropriately, similar to a drainage outlet that would be created using a dishwasher, the excess water can simply be drained outside if accessible.

How do I know if it will work in my shower?

There is no way that the system will not work in your shower enclosure, it has been designed to connect to any standard water line that should already exist in your shower wall. Other than choosing the correct drainage option, Serene Steam should work in all known shower enclosures when installed correctly.


Who should install and service the Serene Steam?

The system should be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor because a water line is required. The water line required typically comes from tapping into an existing line behind your shower wall, however, some shower configurations may require a different water supply to the unit. (Your contractor will solve this very simply).

Always have Serene Steam installed by a qualified plumber/contractor/person regardless how easy the install instructions appear to you.

How steam-tight does the shower enclosure need to be?

As with any steam room or shower, it is necessary for your enclosure to be steam ready.The shower enclosure must be enclosed with a fully gasketed door to contain the steam and heat. Most shower door manufacturers offer fully gasketed doors for steam shower use. The steam enclosure must be watertight from wall to ceiling. Avoid the use of untreated and exposed materials which are susceptible to decay or corrosion. Materials such as marble, glass block, fiberglass, acrylic and other heat-resistant, non-porous materials for steam showers are most common. Most contractors will be able to assist you in making your enclosure steam ready.

water flows from the shower

What kind of ceiling should I provide?

The normal ceiling height is approximately 7 feet. It is recommended that the ceiling height not exceed 8 feet. You also may consider your ceiling to be sloped preventing condensation from dripping on the occupants while the system is in use. Even though the Serene Steam system does not require major construction as with all other known systems, it may be helpful to get “Steam room construction information” which is available from the Tile Council of America, Inc. at (864) 646-8453 or

What about seating inside my steam shower?

It is a further luxury to enjoy a steam shower while seated, either already built into your shower, or alternatively, you can purchase a shower seat from a suitable retailer as seen here. Shower Seat. Using a seat is always recommended.

There are also various options available on the market for a more elaborate shower seat that can be fixed to a wall and lowered when in use.

Are there any parts of the equipment that become hot during operation?

The Serene Steam system itself does not become hot at all during operation, perhaps warm to the touch in some areas. The steam vent itself produces a hot air flow so like any other heat producing product on the market if you touch directly on, or inside the vent it will feel hot, of course this is highly forbidden as one wouldn’t put their hand in a heated pot while cooking. (A similar analogy).

How does the steam system flush itself or keep the inside steam module clean?

This is a great question that we get asked all the time because with all other known steam systems on the market this is considered a common question. Well, with Serene Steam there is no need, nor any function required to flush the system. In actual fact, it flushes itself every time you use the steam function due to the technology we use. (Proprietary).

Can I run my shower water and the steam system simultaneously?

Yes, you are able to run your shower head independently from the steam system, this means that you can run refreshing water from the shower head during, or after you have used the steam feature.

What is the water consumption?

Water restrictions vary in certain parts of the United States. The current known recommendation is that all new shower heads should allow only 2.5 gallons per minute water flow. This is considered a low flow shower head. The Serene Steam system uses approximately 1.5 gallons per minute when in full use. This means that the Serene Steam system uses almost half of a low flow shower head that you would use when taking a regular shower. This is the water flow that has been calculated for using the steam feature.

What is the recommended time period that I should stay in a steam room?

Usually 10-12 minutes is recommended. This should be the adequate time to enjoy the heat and steam. Typically after this time period you should feel very relaxed and refreshed. Steam showers produce a high heat environment and it is recommended that you always consult your physician before using any steam, or sauna product on the market to be sure you do not have any issues that may prevent you from a high heat environment.

Are there any plumbing tips you can give me?

All plumbing should be performed by a qualified plumber or contractor, and in accordance with applicable National and local building and plumbing codes. With that said, there are no tips than can be given as your plumber or contractor should know exactly how to install Serene Steam without any hesitation.

What recommendations can you give me regarding water connection and temperature?

The hot water that is being supplied from your boiler should not exceed 160 degrees F, as with most known steam shower systems your hot water supply should be at approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Softened water is also preferred. For best performance, water pressure should be 15 to 20 psi (standard in most homes). Your plumber or contractor can provide an anti-water hammer device if required, this inexpensive device will diminish the knocking sound in your walls that some older homes may experience when hot water is being run.

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  1. Thanks for all the questions and appropriate answers. Actually I was searching for some plumbing tips for installing a new steam shower generator. But Serene Steam is a self contained system

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