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Non-Shrink Grout – Multipurpose Repair Material

January 27, 2010

Non-Shrink Grout – Multipurpose Repair Material

Rapid Crete Is a line of multipurpose, fast-setting cement products for general concrete repair, anchoring, industrial grouting, and formed work. Rapid Crete is a high performance blend of rapid
setting cement and s to portland cement repair materials and may be applied using similar methods.

Rapid Crete No-Shrink Grout , provide by flooring supply store in Los Angeles, we cary Tile, Hardwood floors, Stone, Tools for tile and stone, accessories for shower and more

Product Description

RapidCrete™ Non-Shrink Grout is a a quick setting multipurpose repair material, ideal for jobs that require strength, durability and low shrinkage.

Areas of Use

• Concrete Repair • Industrial Grouting • Anchoring • Casting • Underlayment • Interior/Exterior

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean and free from dirt, loose debris, oil, sealers, and other contaminants that will prevent a good bond.

Glossy or painted surfaces must be roughened and cleaned. Immediately prior to application, the repair surfaces must be thoroughly saturated with water, but leave no standing water.


Mix 4 parts RapidCrete™ Non-Shrink Grout to 1 part clean cool water. To extend working time, use cold water.

For faster setting, use hot water. Place the water in a clean container and then, while stirring with a mixing device, add Non-Shrink Grout.

Keep stirring until you achieve a lump free mixture.


Quickly place the Non-Shrink Grout and apply the fi nishing texture. RapidCrete™ Non-Shrink Grout can be trowled smooth or textured with a fl oat.

Apply grout in thicknesses from 1/2-in to 6-in. Do not apply on frozen surfaces.


Under normal conditions at 70ºF (21ºC), RapidCrete™ Non- Shrink Grout will begin to set in 15 minutes and achieve full strength after approximately 1 hour. Temperatures may affect working and curing times.


Clean with water before material dries.


Approximately 1/2 cubic foot per 55 lb. bag.


• 10 LBS. (4.5 KG) Box

• 25 LBS. (11.3 KG) Box

• 55 LBS. (25 KG) Bag

Compression Strength

• 2800 PSI (1 hour)*

• 4200 PSI (24 hours)

• 7500 PSI (28 days)

* After initial setting time.

Ideal Depth

RapidCrete™ Non-shrink Grout is idealy suited for depths of 0” (feathered edges) to 4”. Always apply RapidCrete™ products at full depth desired, do not work in layers.

Rapid Crete No-Shrink Grout , provide by flooring supply store in Los Angeles, we cary Tile, Hardwood floors, Stone, Tools for tile and stone, accessories for shower and more


Store in a cool dry area. Keep from freezing.


Contains Portland cement. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.

Avoid eye contact or prolonged contact with skin. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. Consult physician immediately. This product contains free silica.

Do not breathe dust; wear NIOSH approved respirator.



Western States Wholesale, as blender of processed material in the State of California, we are required by Proposition 65 to warn that one or more of the components in this product, contains chemicals known to the State of California, to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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