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IVG Impregnating Sealer General Information

October 18, 2013

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IVG Impregnating Sealer General Information

Surface Solutions is dedicated to protecting architectural surfaces with a proprietary treatment, which is water-based, environmentally friendly fluoropolymer dispersion.  A wide variety of possible contaminants exist, but the majorities are water or oil based. They are most often seen outside fast food restaurants, where beverages and foods cooked in oil stain the sidewalk or patio.  Bird droppings, uric acid from pets, motor oil and particularly chewing gum are other devastating contaminants that create constant staining problems. The stains produced are severe, expensive to remove and may damage the substrate permanently.

IVG Impregnating is water based, ZERO VOC, urban surface treatment for porous mineral surfaces. IVG Impregnating is completely invisible and does not change the surface friction or feel. Once applied, it transforms porous mineral substrates into highly hydrophobic and oleo phobic surfaces that repel water, oil-based contaminants and other stains. It gives the surface non- stick properties, inhibiting the chemical bonding and absorption of pollutants such as chewing gum and other sticky materials. It also protects mineral walls from graffiti and inhibits paint penetration into the surface.

Surfaces treated with IVG Impregnating remain fully vapor permeable from the inside out but ultra-hydro / oleo phobic from the outside in.

Cost Savings – Cleaning our urban centers, including the removal of chewing gum, is very costly for cities and commercial property owners. Once a surface is protected, cleaning costs can be reduced by up to 80%.

IVG Impregnating is designed to rapidly bond the surface.  This rapid covalent bond will even reject itself on a second treatment.  This creates a large savings over other surface treatments as only one (1) application is needed.

Reduced Cleaning Frequencies and Intensity – After product application to the surface, soil cannot penetrate the substrate. Heavy rainfall, rather than damaging the surface, actually helps keep it clean. By avoiding harsh abrasive cleaning methods and reducing the water required for cleaning, clients gain significant cost and environmental savings.

Ultra Repellant Surfaces – IVG Impregnating forms an ultra-strong, permanent covalent bond with the mineral surface it is applied to.  IVG Impregnating leaves more than 2.5 million “telemers” or nano particles that keep contaminants out of the surface.  Unlike other penetrating “sealers”, the halogenated acrylic chemistry of IVG Impregnating dramatically changes the surface tension of the surface creating a surface that will repel.  Water, salt water, oil, chewing gum and many more are kept up and out of the surface.

Chewing Gum – Gum will initially bond to the treated surface. But once the gum dries, it can be removed easily with the use of a street sweeper or power washer without leaving marks or stains.

No Change In Slip Properties – This product is not film-forming, so the surface friction remains unchanged.  Combining our InvisaGuard™ technology with our InvisaTread® slip resistant treatment can create surfaces that are ultra-slip resistant while maintaining all of the properties of IVG Impregnating.  The IVG Impregnating technology will even be more hydro – oleo phobic due to the increased surface area per square inch that is created by the InvisaTread treatment.

Easy Ice and Snow Removal – Ice and snow cannot penetrate the treated surface and are much easier to remove. Less street salt is required because the water-salt solution is not absorbed into the substrate.

Surface Protection – Concrete, concrete pavers, natural stone and masonry surfaces are additionally protected from deterioration caused by acid rain, smog, salt and freeze/thaw. White concrete efflorescence build-up is inhibited while the surface remains vapor permeable and moisture is not trapped inside.

Longevity – The treatment retains its full properties for at least eight years with proper care and maintenance (see IVG Impregnating Care and Maintenance Guide), delivering substantial cost savings on cleaning and maintenance. The initial investment is quickly recovered in a very short period of time due to the reduced cleaning frequency.

Nano Technology IVG Impregnating is revolutionary nano technology.  Nanotechnology is regarded as one of the key technologies of this century, and it has the potential to revolutionize all areas of science. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, or as reference is about 10,000 times smaller than a human hair. By taking advantage of nanotechnology, we use surface treatments that are totally invisible, but at the same time highly functional, with properties never before realized.

Long term protection against foreign contaminants

  • Inhibits organic and bacterial infestation into porous substrates
  • Longevity of over 15 years residential and 8 years commercial.
  • No change of optical appearance or surface friction
  • Protection of entire surface from premature deterioration
  • Substantial reduction of cleaning time, costs and maintenance frequency
  • Reduction of cleaning chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly


Once applied, IVG Impregnating product transforms substrates into totally hydrophobic and oleo phobic surfaces that repel water, oil-based contaminants and other stains. IVG Impregnating, for porous mineral surfaces, is completely invisible and does not change the surface friction or feel, yet it protects mineral walls from graffiti and inhibits the penetration of the paint into the surface.

In addition, non-stick surface properties inhibit chemical bonding and absorption of pollutants, such as chewing gum and other sticky materials. Deterioration caused by acid rain, smog, salt and freeze/thaw is dramatically reduced. This treatment also protects concrete, concrete pavers, natural stone and masonry surfaces.

The initial investment is quickly recovered in a very short period of time due to the reduced cleaning frequency. Once a surface is protected, cleaning costs can be reduced by up to 80%.  Due to the rapid bonding nature of IVG Impregnating only requiring one application, savings are further realized.

IVG Impregnating Graffiti Limited Warranty In addition to long lasting protection against stains, IVG Impregnating is a zero VOC, water based product and includes one of the industry’s best warranties.  With proper cleaning protocol and a long term program of our IVG Impregnating™ Rejuvenate product, surfaces treated with IVG Impregnating will stay at peak performance for many years following proper application..

15 year, residential warranty

8 year, commercial warranty

Limited Warranty Surface Solutions, LLC’s product, IVG Impregnating is designed in part to alter the surface tension of porous mineral surfaces.  Treated surfaces shall remain ultra-hydro and ultra-oleo phobic provided the IVG Impregnating was applied in optimal conditions and with strict adhesion to the product application guidelines.  Surface Solutions, LLC, warrants that surfaces properly applied / treated with IVG Impregnating Sealer will be effective for a period of fifteen (15) years in residential applications and eight (8) years in commercial applications provided the surface is maintained according to Surface Solutions care and maintenance guide.  Warranty is not transferrable.  However, this limited warranty does not extend to surfaces which, have been sealed, coated or treated with other products prior to application of IVG Impregnating Sealer.  Warranty also excludes improper application (see IVG Impregnating Sealer application and technical guide), surfaces that had not properly dried prior to application, material of less than 7% porosity, abrasion of the surface or application on surfaces lower than 41°F.  Surface Solutions, LLC reserves the right to adjust or amend exclusions for specific job applications.

In ideal conditions, IVG Impregnating Sealer can be a permanent treatment.  Should any stains not be completely removed from the surface prior to application, those stains will remain locked in the surface.  User warrants that they are aware that stains locked in will not be able to be removed following treatment.  Surface Solutions, LLC reserves the right to adjust warranty time frames for specific job applications due to higher than normal traffic or wear, provided that Surface Solutions will advise its customer of such adjustment.

Surface Solutions, LLC makes no representations or warranties that its product will arrest all stains or penetration from all contaminants.  Penetration from acidic materials such as coffee, wine, vinegar, etc that have not been cleaned or removed within a reasonable amount of time may penetrate and stain surfaces treated with IVG Impregnating Sealer.  Stains from low viscosity oils such as transmission fluid or hydraulic fluid, etc. may also penetrate the IVG Impregnating Sealer treatment.  Spills need to be cleaned in a reasonable amount of time.

IVG Impregnating Sealer is not a slip resistant product and will not prevent slip and fall accidents and/or injuries nor be effective on all surface materials.  Purchaser agrees (at its own expense) to indemnify and hold Surface Solutions, LLC harmless from any and all claims arising out of or related to any injuries and/or accidents which occur on or around Purchaser’s premises.  Purchaser further represents and warrants that it has its own commercial liability insurance which covers possible losses arising out of injuries occurring on or around Purchaser’s premises, including injuries arising from slip and fall accidents.    Except as provided above Surface Solutions, LLC makes no warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Warranty replacement covers materials and labor for the first year and materials only thereafter.

Professional Quality: 1 and Done! – 1 coat application. No residue to remove.

IVG Impregnating Sealer Data Sheet

IVG Impregnating Sealer General Information

Environmentally friendly, water based, ZERO VOCs.

Take Action, Gain Traction®

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