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SunTouch Heat Loss Test

May 5, 2011

List of what we need in case you want a heat loss done by SunTouch.

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Before installing a floor heating a Heat Loss are recommended

Usually the customer should have a heat loss done of their home for any heating products they want to use and local engineers can provide that, we can also but it will take time and some Information to get it done.

This information must be presented in order to have a heat loss done of the building to ensure the SunTouch product will heat the space.

Below is the list of information we need to do a heat loss calculation.

  • Scaled or dimensioned floor plan
  • Floor construction, including perimeter insulation and horizontal insulation R values
  • Floor coverings Type
  • Wall heights, and construction (framed wood, poured concrete etc) Ceiling heights
  • Window sizes and locations (R value of glass if known, single dual pane, etc)
  • Exterior door sizes and locations
  • Skylight sizes and locations Insulation R-value of walls, ceiling, and floors
  • Penetrations, i.e., Skylights, fireplaces, exhaust fans duct penetrations, clothes dryers etc.

Provide what you can and we’ll get the calculation done for you.

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