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Edge Strip Videos

March 18, 2013

How Edge Strip Kit work with any Self-Leveling Underlayment pour

Using Edge Strip Kits and Self-Leveling Underlayment to Provide a Flat Substrate Over Any Surface

Edge Strip Kits and Self-Leveling Underlayment

Edge Strip Kits are a new innovative product designed to make installing floor heating systems faster and easier.
Using Edge Strip Kits and a self-leveling compound decreases the risk of damaging the heat wire and ensures a nice flat surface to lay your tile.

On this job as with many the homeowner wanted a mosaic type accent band. This one was a glass tile penny round on mesh. Many installers would tile up to and including the accent and then need to stop. Then continue above the next day. Not any more! Watch and see how we use edge strip kits to make a temporary ledger for our tile.
The peel and stick aspect if the ESKs made it able to install without compromising the waterproofing as would happen if wood was used.

Why use Edge Strip?

1) Ensures self-leveling compound dry’s to a flat tiling surface saving time and material (thinset).
2) No worrying about damaging the heat wire or having proper thinset coverage under the tile.
3) A flat surface ensures a flat tile install with no lippage.

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