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Towel Warmers Heatra Traditional Instruction

February 7, 2012

Traditional Towel Warmers and Drying Racks

Instruction Manual

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Supply: 120 volts a.c. 60 Hz, single phase

Free Standing: Height 24 1/4″ Width 21″ Depth 8 1/4″

Wall Mounte: Height 32 3/4″ Width 18″ Depth 3 1/4″


To operate, turn on the switch. It will be illuminated when on and will be dull when off.

Your Warmrail Heated Towel Rack costs less or about as much as running a regular light bulb. It will take approximately 45 minutes for the Heated Towel Rack to reach its operating temperature, although this time will be shorter if towels are in place.

The Warmrails Heated Towel Rack operates with a fixed power output. However, when operated with several layers of towels over the Heated Towel Rack, the temperature will increase. Once the towels are removed and where the rails are exposed, the temperature of the Heated Towel Rack will quickly drop back.

Please note: damp or wet material that has either been dyed, or is not colorfast, can cause discoloration in the finish if that material is draped over a Heated Towel Rack while hot. Again, it is suggested that items are dried by using a completely protective layer of material such as a towel underneath.

Warning this appliance is intended only for drying textiles washed in water. Fabrics that contain soap or detergent residue may show what appears to be scorch marks. However this is simply the discoloration of the residue.

Warmrails does not accept responsibility for any damage, discoloration or other damage to any item regardless of circumstance. .

To reduce the possibility of damage, do not place any items other than towels directly on the Heated Towel Rack always have a completely protective layer of towels between the Heated Towel Rack and any other item.


Freestanding Option

  • Your Warmrall comes complete with four short screws and two brackets which you will find in a small plastic bag. Use the screws to secure the legs to the Warmrail.
  • To assemble, first remove the four screws and the brackets form the plastic bag.
  • Hold the Warmrail upside down (perhaps leaning it against a chair) and position the legs so that the feet are facing outwards from the center of the base the towel stand (refer to the ilustralian). Line the screw holes in the bracket up with those in the legs and using a Phillips screw driver, tighten the screws until the legs are firmly attached to the base of the Warmrail.
  • The warmrail must be used with the legs properly fitted.

Wall Mount Option

  • Position wall brackets on the Wannrail (refer to the diagram on the front of the instruction manual far suggested bracket placement
  • The lacking clip will only slide one way to attach to the wall bracket. So test it on the wall bracket before you position them on the Warmrail. Once you have established which direction the locking clip slides onto the wall bracket, place the wall bracket in the correct position on the Warmrail. Press the locking clip onto the bar (to the side of the wall bracket so that it will enable you to slide the clip onto the wall bracket). Then slide across until the lacking clip is flush with the wall bracket).
  • With the wall brackets In the correct position, hold the Warmrall against the wall at the location you would like to be installed.
  • Use a pencil or pointed tool to mark the location of the screw holes spaces onto the wall through the screw holes in the wall brackets. Put the Warmrail aside and drill pilot holes through the marks you have made on the wall.
  • Where a stud Is conveniently located, you can just use the screws to attach the wall bracket. For the remaining wall brackets, use the wall anchored supplied to firmly anchor the screws into the dry wall.
  • Push the anchors into the dry wall (you may need to make larger pilot holes where the wall anchors are located).
  • Put the screws through the holes in the wall brackets, then hold the Warmrail back in position on the wall.
  • Tighten the screws until the wall brackets are flush against the wall. Use the round plugs to caver the Screw holes in the wall bracket
  • Once the legs are securely attached, or the until is attached to the wall, the Warmrail can be plugged Into an electrical outlet (we recommend using a GFI protected outlet). Push the on/off switch so that the light is illuminated and your Warmrail is ready for use.

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When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be observed.


  • Do not use this appliance for other than its intended use.
  • To avoid a hazard, the Heated Towel Rack MUST NOT be used to hold towels or any other articles that have been in contact with oil, petroleum based products or dry cleaning fluids.
  • Use this appliance only on the voltage specified on the rating plate, or elsewhere in the instructions.
  • Regulations require that only authorized persons carry out electrical work. For your own safety and that of others, ensure this is done
  • Do not store your Heated Towel Rack while hot or still connected to the power supply
  • Do not immerse the Heated Towel Rack in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not allow the cord set to come into contact with heated surfaces during operation.
  • This product should not be used outdoors.



This towel warmer operates at high temperature that can cause burns.

Do not touch surfaces of the towel warmer while the warmer is in operation.

Do not allow unsupervised children in the vicinity of the towel warmer and warn children of hot surfaces.


Do not immerse towel warmer in water or any other liquid.

Do not place towel warmer in a location where it may fall into a tub or shower, or otherwise become immersed in water; and if the towel warmer falls into water, immediately unplug it. Do not reach into the water.

Warmrails Towel Warmers and Drying Racks F.A.Q

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