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How to install Toilet Paper Holder with tile

October 11, 2010

Installation of a ceramic toilet paper holder with tile surrounding

tissue holder

The first thing you want to do is find a good placement on the wall for your toilet paper holder. It is a good idea to sit on your toilet so that you can make sure the holder sits at a height and distance that will not require you to lift yourself off the toilet seat to reach it.

Once you have picked a good spot, hold the toilet paper holder in place on the wall and use a pencil to draw a line across the bottom of the ceramic recess. This is the part that will stick into the wall once the holder is installed.

Install your tile of choice up the wall to the earlier mark that you made for your toilet paper holder.

Next, apply mortar around the holes at the back. This will give the thinset a mushroom effect when it dries.

Push the paper holder into the wall and hold it in place for two minutes.

Wipe any extra thinset from around the seams with your finger. Use a damp sponge to clean all of the wet mortar from the ceramic toilet paper holder. It is very important that you remove all mess from the mortar before it dries. When everything is clean, use masking tape to keep the holder in place during the drying process. In about 12-24 hours you will be ready to use your new toilet paper holder.

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