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Geo Dream Electric Radiant Heating System Informations

February 2, 2018

Next Generation Heating System

How does Geo Dream compare to other heating systems? Saves up to 50% of heating costs per year!

Below is a comparison of Geo Dream electric radiant heating system to other heating methods for a 2000 square foot residential home. All calculations are based on average heating season temperatures, average maintenance costs, etc, for Madison, WI

Geo Dream Electric Radiant Heating System Comparison Cost

 Easier to install and uses less energy than wire floor heating!

Below see the advantages Geo Dream has over wire floor heating.

Geo Dream Electric Radiant Heating System Advantages

1 STEP HEAT  Clean, Peel, Stick!

Installation of 1 STEP HEAT is very easy!

1. Clean, sweep, and level the installation area.
2. Open the 1 STEP HEAT box and peel the sticker backer off the film mat.
3. Stick the 1 STEP HEAT on the prepared surface and connect wires to the thermostat.


Far infrared heat is generated from carbon fiber strips that are attached to silver contact bus bars connected to copper electrical strips. The silver provides superior electrical current transmission while preventing arcing at contact points.

The components are then completely sealed between two plastic sheets of PET film – similar to soda bottle material, the film is thin, transparent, and very durable. This film is then sealed into a ready to install mat that is perfect for installing under tile floors. All the components used making film are UL listed.

Geo Dream Electric Radiant Heating System Specification

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