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7 Essential Tile Tools for Professional Tilers

April 20, 2022

Are you planning on your next tiling project? This guide has gathered some of the essential tile working tools you’ll need before tiling. If you want the best finish for your DIY project, you’ll need professional tiling tools to make your work easier and a lot more accurate.

Take note that choosing the right tools plays a huge role in how your tiling project will turn out. This is why we’ve created this guide for you to have a checklist and explain why these certain items are essential as they have varied functionalities. 

Tile Cutters

One of the essential tools for tiling is Tile Cutters. If you’re in the tiling business, investing in a Bridge Wet Saw might be worth considering. However, an excellent Manual Tile Cutter should be enough for tiling projects. Tile Cutters are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to their functionality. They are machines designed to cut your tiles to your desired size and diameter with preciseness and speed. Working with glass, porcelain, ceramic, or any tile could be delicate and easily damaged, so you’ll need explicitly-made equipment such as tile cutters.

Diamond Blades

Another essential for a clean and easy cut is sharp diamond blades. First and foremost, choosing the suitable Diamond Blades for you will depend on your desired application as there are different sizes and thicknesses made for cutting other concrete materials. Diamond Blades are mainly used for stone cutting, glass cutting, and grinding. Check out our selection of Diamond Blades here at Flooring Supply Shop so you can easily compare different types and find a suitable blade for your needs.

Mortar Mixer

Mixing Mortar is not easy and can be labor-intensive when done manually. This is why most professionals tilers either use pre-mixed tile adhesive or use Mortar Mixer equipment for this process. Before applying it to your walls and tiles, mixing mortar should be done correctly as fine as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a back job later. Purchasing grout and mortar form is also more affordable than pre-mixed grout, especially if you’re working on a large area.

Plastic Bucket

Every professional tiler loves a good plastic bucket. Whether you’ll be using it for mixing tile adhesives, paint, grout, mortar, epoxy, or anything, having at least two or more plastic buckets could be very handy when working on a tiling project. Any recycled plastic bucket gets the job done. However, if you’re looking for an industry-grade bucket, check out this plastic bucket from Raimondi here at Flooring Supply Shop today.

Tile Trowels

Tile Trowels ensure that your mortar gets a uniform spread for a better-looking finish. You may see a lot of different shapes for tile trowels, and the most commonly used are those pointed trowels. Suppose you’re all about efficiency and want to make a better finish. You might also use this Slant Ridge Notched Trowel from Raimondi, which provides superior adhesive coverage, an anti-slip mechanism, and a comfortable rubber handle.

Tile Leveling System

Tiling is a straightforward task, yet you could easily ruin the whole finish if you don’t use the right equipment. Another essential item you should consider in tiling projects is tile leveling systems. This is a 3-component system that often consists of wedges, tile spacers, and pliers used to avoid lippage and keep the tiles as leveled and as close as possible to each other at a uniform distance. 

Rubber Mallet

Before you have your tiles set in place with your concrete floor, ensuring that they are adequately bonded is the last but not the least essential part of the process. Filling the gaps and gently nudging your tiles in place usually requires you to use a Rubber Mallet. There’s a reason why rubber mallets are used as they could provide impact without creating damage to your tiles compared to a regular hammer.

Final Thoughts.

As you’ve noticed, most of the essential items on this list are tools to make your job neat, as this is very important for any tiling project. Having the right tools could make or break your whole tiling process, so you must know what items you’ll be needing. We’ve mentioned that professional tilers use these tools, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to use these tools and make your job a lot easier and more efficient. 

Now that you’re ready for your next tiling project, we made sure that everything that we’ll add to this list is all available in one place, so you won’t have to worry about getting them separately elsewhere. Grab these items at Flooring Supply Shop today and start tiling like a true professional!

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