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Tile Leveling Systems

December 20, 2021
Tile Leveling Wedges
Tile Leveling Wedges, Toothed spatula for professional tile laying, tile leveling system with plastic clips and wedges.

If you’ve already had experience in tile installation during construction projects, whether for your home or outdoor projects, you probably know that one of the most common struggles in tile installation is the inaccuracy of each tiles’ positioning and spacing.

Fortunately, this problem has already been dealt with with a witty and straightforward solution of using Tile Leveling Spacers during the installation process to ensure that each tile is aligned and spaced correctly.

Tile Leveling Spacers are a set of system equipment that conveniently and efficiently provides better finish results after the installation, hence helping prevent uneven spaces.

How to Use Tile Leveling Spacers

Using tile leveling spacers is a straightforward process, and it shouldn’t cause you any trouble and focus on the tile installation itself.

Step 1: Use Tile Leveling Spacers and kindly place them on the sides and between your installed tiles that aren’t completely dried yet. 

Step 2: Move on installing the rest of the other tiles and keep placing the Tile Leveling Spacers in between.

Step 3: Gently shoot the Leveling System Wedges in the whole of Tile Leveling Spacers. 

Step 4: Use the Tile Leveling System Floor Pliers to tighten the wedges, bringing the tiles closer and appropriately aligned.

Step 5: After that, you can sweep them off and enjoy your nicely placed tiles with the help of Tile Leveling Spacers!

How to Remove Tile Leveling Spacers?

Tile Leveling System Spacers are made of plastic materials that make them easy to remove after the tile installation and all dried up. There is no right or specific way to remove them as it is straightforward; in fact, you can even kick them, and they will come off the ground quite quickly.

However, if you want a more clean and proper way of removing them, using a hammer or mullet would be sufficient in safely removing them without anything left behind. Just make sure that you place the mullet sideward to avoid hitting the newly placed tiles that could cause unwanted dents.

How much do Leveling Spacers Cost?

Leveling Spacers won’t cost you too much, although it depends on how large the tile installation project is. For around $24, you already have 250 pieces of Tile Leveling System Spacers, which should be sufficient for an average tile re-construction project. 

However, you’re also going to be needing other equipment that comes with the spacers, such as the leveling system wedges that costs $24 for 100 pieces and leveling system floor pliers, which costs $35 each.

If you want to save more, purchasing a complete leveling system set could be a better option as it already includes all the pieces you’re going to be needing at a much lower cost. 

Where to Buy Leveling Spacers

If you’re wondering where you could buy Leveling Spacers, we’ve got a perfect solution for you. Flooring Supply Shop offers a wide variety of Raimondi manufactured Leveling Systems. Depending on what works for you, you can now buy this leveling equipment each or in a complete set.


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