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Make your Backyard safer with Invisa Outdoor

March 25, 2011

Invisatread, Anti-slip Solutions, Child safety, slip and fall protection, Pool Safety, Safety Products, Bath Tub Protection, Bathroom Safety

Avoid Dangerous Slips with InvisaTread® Outdoors. Comply with California Title 24 – Chapter 31b.

Swimming pools can pose serious safety hazards.  Whether in a backyard, or at a public pool, the risk is the same. Combining an area that is constantly wet with a playful environment, the risk of slipping around the pool is usually not the first thing on your mind. How often do we hear parents and lifeguards yell NO RUNNING ON THE DECK!!!!?. The risk of a slip and fall accident around a pool can be decreased. InvisaTread® Outdoors has been formulated to do just that.

In order to help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents around pools, California State has mandated that many areas be built and maintained up to code. California Title 24- Chapter 31b requires that pool areas be “Slip Resistant”. The code states that Slip Resistant areas must have a surface Coefficient of Friction (COF) greater than 0.60. Chapter 31B requires that hard to maintain areas such as depth markers, decks, concrete, ladders, diving boards and pool floors be slip resistant. Areas treated with InvisaTread® Outdoors will maintain increased slip resistance and carry less risk of slip and fall accidents. Most surfaces treated will have COF greater than this mandated .60 measure; however, they will not just be up to code when dry, they will remain up to code when WET. InvisaTread® Outdoors is a simple and safe solution to California Title 24 Chapter 31B. With a quick application, InvisaTread Outdoors can help provide treated areas with the state-required amount of Coefficient Of Friction (COF.) when wet. InvisaTread Outdoors gives you the safety you need within a matter of minutes. InvisaTread® Outdoors is simply peace of mind in a bottle.

Invisatread, Anti-slip Solutions, Child safety, slip and fall protection, Pool Safety, Safety Products, Bath Tub Protection, Bathroom Safety

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