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The Flooring Supply Shop and Compotite Are Joining Forces

July 13, 2010

The Flooring Supply Shop and Compotite Are Joining Forces

The Flooring Supply Shop’s Newest Supplier is an Innovator in The Shower Business

Atlanta, GA-July 12, 2010- The Flooring Supply Shop is excited to announce it’s partnership with Compotite.

The Flooring Supply Shop is known for its savvy research team that chooses only the best products on the market to distribute. After doing their homework, they have chosen to add Compotite to their list of distinguished suppliers.  Compotite is an innovator in the shower-building industry.  They were the first to create a waterproofing substitute for lead shower pans, way back in 1938.  As times have changed, so has Compotite.  They now offer a number of top-notch products for your shower construction needs including:

Composeal-A membrane made from PVC resin that is strong, waterproof, and resistant to punctures, chemicals, and mildew.  It meets or exceeds the standards for all three plumbing codes.

Composeal Gold-The industry’s first heat fused 3-ply membrane. Gives unsurpassed double-protection against common shrinkage cracks found in residential and commercial construction, and prevents water damage and moisture migration.

Composeal White Gold-This product controls sound transmission in tile flooring and prevents substrate cracks and moisture.

Composeal Sky Blue- One of Compotite’s newest products.  It protects countertops, sub-flooring, framing, and rafters from moisture and mold growth.

These and other great Compotite products will be available both individually, and as part of our shower system kits.  We look forward to our partnership with Compotite and a bright future together.

About The Flooring Supply Shop

The Flooring Supply Shop is the online presence for the International Flooring Center in Los Angeles, CA.  The International Flooring Center has been providing a broad selection of Tile, Tools, Setting Material, equipment and accessories to contractors and DIY homeowners for over 18 years.  For more information, stop by

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