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Proper insulation under your wooden flooring

June 20, 2010

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Wooden flooring can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a house, and can add a lot of value to the house as compared to other flooring materials. Not only is wooden flooring more affordable as compared to marble and stone flooring, but is highly durable and long lasting as well. Further, flooring that has been made from wood grown in sustainable forests is environment friendly as well.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits another benefit of wooden flooring is that it is a good insulator, and prevents heat from escaping. However, irrespective of the fact that wooden flooring is a good insulator of heat, it would still get quite cold and uncomfortable to walk on during the winters. It is for this reason that it is a good idea to install proper insulation beneath the wooden flooring to ensure that heat does not escape. Further, proper insulation beneath the wooden floor will also prevent the infiltration of moisture.

It is quite simple to insulate a wooden floor if the building is still in the construction phase; however, a number of homeowners consider insulation only after they have a bad experience during a harsh winter. In such a scenario insulation will have to be placed through the available crawlspace beneath the floor.

The most commonly used material for insulating a wooden floor is unfaced batts. These batts are traditionally made using fiberglass, and ensure effective insulation of the floor. It is quite easy to cut these unfaced batts according to the size of the floor and to place them underneath. Not only do these unfaced batts provide effective insulation, but also provide moisture resistance and acoustic insulation.

In case you are searching for something more effective you can go in for a radiant floor heating system. A radiant floor heating system uses radiant heat to warm the floor, thereby ensuring complete comfort even during harsh winters. Apart from the obvious benefit of heating up the floor, radiant floor heating systems also enable significant savings in the energy consumption. This is possible due to the radiant heat emitted by this system, which not only raises the floor temperature, but also the temperature of the entire room. This effective heating will enable you to turn down the main thermostat by a few degrees, thereby resulting in significant savings in energy consumption.

In case you are a DIY enthusiast you can install the unfaced batts beneath the wooden flooring yourself; however, it is always a good idea to hire a professional contractor to complete the insulation job. Further, in case you decide to install an electric floor heating system you would have to take the help of a professional.

Thus, it is evident that although, wooden flooring is aesthetically appealing it is important to have proper insulation for maximum effectiveness. A properly insulated wooden floor will enhance its utility especially during harsh winter seasons. Further, proper insulation will also save you on your enormous electricity bills, thereby offering high utility and benefits.

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