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Ready to tile shower pans an ideal way to build a shower area

April 11, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

A shower pan is probably the most important part of a shower area since it prevents excess water from trickling down to the sub floor and causing damage. Traditionally, shower pans used to be made up of mortar; however, since mortar was not all that effective, a separate layer of pan liner used to be placed over the shower pan. Although this method is widely considered to be the most effective solution to the problem of leaky shower floors, there have been many instances of leakage in the pan liner as well.

It is in order to provide an effective solution to this problem that you can install ready to tile shower pan floors in your shower area. Ready to tile shower pan is an easy to install structure that can solve all the problems associated with traditional forms of shower pans. Let us take a look at some of the problems associated with traditional shower pans and how a ‘ready to tile’ shower pan solves those problems:

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

Creating a mortar shower bed is not an easy task and requires a lot of skill and labor. Multiple layers of material have to be used to ensure that water does not seep through to the sub floor. In case a pan liner is being used, it is essential to set it in the right place. Any miscalculation or problem during the creation of the pan floor can result in leakage and severe damage to other areas of your home. Since ready to tile pan floors are completely waterproof, there is no chance of a leakage to the sub floor.

In case you are concerned about molds that have appeared on your shower floor, the answer to this problem lies in the area in between the pan liner and the shower floor. Since your shower tiles are not completely waterproof, there is a chance that water might accumulate above the pan liner, thereby leading to the growth of mold. By using a ready to tile pan floor you will be able to eliminate this layer between your shower floor and the pan liner, thereby eliminating the chances of mold growth.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

Finally, creating the appropriate slope on the shower floor can be a big challenge, especially for the ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts. An inappropriate slope can lead to water accumulation on your shower floor, thereby leading to problems of leakage and water accumulation. However, most of the reputed ready to tile shower pans come with a pre-formed slope of ¼” per foot, thereby ensuring that your shower floor is perfectly pitched.

It is due to benefits such as these that ready to tile shower pans have gained in popularity across households. Further, these ready to tile shower pans are constructed using high grade material and are treated with waterproofing coatings to ensure that they remain waterproof for a long duration of time. So if you are looking to re-do your shower area or are considering building a new one, you should definitely consider using a ready to tile shower pan.

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Bathroom Accessories Ready to tile Shower Pan shower bench Shower Seats

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