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Custom designed shower area made easy

April 4, 2010

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While building a custom designed shower area, most do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts will face the problem of designing an appropriate floor pitch. An appropriate floor pitch ensures that water flows directly into the shower drain and does not accumulate on the shower floor. You might use complicated and sophisticated measurement tools to create the perfect floor slope, but there is still no guarantee of achieving the desired results.

However, technological advancement in the form of Quick Pitch has emerged as an ideal solution to the problem of an irregular shower floor pitch. The simplicity of this product makes it ideal for people who are looking to build a custom designed shower area with the minimum of fuss. Quick Pitch consists of float sticks and a center ring, which are used to create a standard slope of 1/4" per 12" on the shower floor.

The problem of irregular floor pitch is not a minor one, and should not be taken lightly while designing a shower floor. Water that accumulates on the shower floor can easily seep into the mud bed, thereby resulting in various ‘water ponding’ issues.

Another advantage of a proper shower pitch is that since water would not accumulate on the shower floor, the tile floor will last for a longer duration of time. Water seeping through the tiles can weaken the bond, thereby forcing you to redo your tile flooring after regular intervals of time. In order to create a long-lasting tiling on your shower floor, you should avail of the Quick Pitch system.

quick pitch, pre pitch, kirb perfect, shower slope, shower system, diy

For maximum utility, you should use Quick Pitch along with Pre Pitch and Kirb Perfect systems. Not only is it necessary to have a proper slope on the shower floor, but it is equally important to have a proper slope on the sub floor as well. Pre Pitch is an easy to install system that facilitates an apt sloping sub floor beneath the pan liner. This slope will ensure that any moisture that seeps through the mud bed does not remain accumulated above the pan liner and is effectively directed towards the weep holes.

Using the Kirb Perfect system will allow you to easily and conveniently build a curb for your shower floor. Although the frame of a shower curb is traditionally built out of wood, there is a serious chance of damaging the pan liner while building such a curb around the shower area. While nailing the curb frame to the floor, you can easily damage the pan liner, thereby increasing the chances of a water leak. Since installing Kirb Perfect does not require you to nail the frame to the shower floor, there is no possibility of damaging your pan liner.

Since Quick Pitch has been specially designed for the convenience of ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts, you will find that its use will significantly streamline your process of designing a shower area. So you can go ahead and install the Quick Pitch system and enjoy the benefits of a properly sloped and a well drained shower area.

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